A new level 60 character has appeared!

This sure has been one hell of a journey. In a little under 2 years I have finally achieved Level 60!


A part from the few breaks here and there between levels overall I was very happy with Wanikani as a learning platform and to anyone that is coming across this post that is new to Japanese and is considering learning the language I’d say this is a very good platform if you want to learn Kanji and Vocabulary. It’s very satisfying going onto new levels and unlocking new content to learn and you feel like you are constantly making steady progress.

Other than the 1700 Vocab lessons that I need to catch up on. One thing that I am now searching for is enjoyable ways to learn grammar. Currently I have been using Bunpro and have completed the N5 and almost N4 segment but in all honesty I can’t seem to get a grasp on sentence structure and overall my grammar is atrocious. I’m looking to take the JLPT exam in July. What are some resources that you used to understand sentence structure and grammar, What methods do you use to formulate your own sentences and what are some study methods that you use to improve your Japanese?

I wish everyone well on their studying and enjoy some cake :cake:!


Congratulations! :fox_face:

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Congrats!! It is a major accomplishment, looks like you have put in a lot of consistent effort over the time period :smiley:

For grammar, I have been using Bunpro as well… But I am not so sure I really like it. Hypothetically, the way it is organized is nice; but I there are a lot of grammar points where the explanations don’t really help. I’m pulling from memory here, but for instance if you are trying to create something like the past negative, the help section may pop up something like the base “godan verb” page instead. So if you find any resources that help for nailing down grammar, send em this way.

Congratulations, this is a big accomplishment!!

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The audacity.


Congrats on reaching lv 60! :partying_face: :tada:

Plz have some cake! :birthday:


I know ._.

I was thinking of using Bunpro+A textbook+A basic guide to Japanese grammar series.

Congrats on level 60!


By now you have done a lot of input. You have all these concepts and kanji in your brain. Well done. Now you have to do output, output, output.

You could start taking conversational sessions with a tutor on Italki. Have them correct your sentences as you go. It’s super hard at first, but if you can find a good teacher, it will help you lots. You could also write a journal and have them review it with you too.

Also, if you’re not listening to japanese you have to start turning subtitles off and get yourself a good pair of headphones. Find a japanese VTuber you like or a podcast and just listen to the language as much as you can.

Do that for six months and see how far you get. Go from there.

Edit: Oh and Bunpro is great for drilling, but not so much as a primary grammar resource IMO, I find it a little too dry. (I use Bunpro to quiz myself on grammar concepts I’ve already learned, but it’s primarily a review tool for me.) I recommend Genki I or even the Human Japanese app on the App Store as a start. At your level, you will find Human Japanese so satisfying and it’s only 10$.


Congrats! Grammar wise I can recommend the “Tea Kim” Grammar book. There is even an Anki Deck for it with only 210 cards.
Other than that it’s best to learn Grammar contextually, hence I really recommend sentence mining (since you are capable of reading).

Best regards!

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Sentence mining sounds very interesting. Could you link the Anki Deck with the 210 cards?

Congrats to you! I can only imagine how excited you must be. I will level up to 60 tomorrow… I hope you find success in your pursuit of grammar. I use Lingodeer mostly for that, but I have a bunch of different books too.

I have found there are number Discord servers you can find in the Discover servers section that are directed towards learning Japanese. You can find people to study with that way. @Ichikarajapanese on TikTok reads childrens books live on Tuesdays and Thursdays and has a Patreon with all the recordings and available workbooks too if you like a more live feel to learning.


Isn’t this something that is related, kanji knowledge without vocabulary seems like only half the equation. I’ve seen a lot of people similar to you, finishing WK and having a very low grasp of grammar. Anyway, congratulations to getting to the end, see you there in 20 years


you should try looking at Curedoly’s videos on YouTube on sentence structure. The information is really useful and thought out

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