Level 60, innit


kanji 31 of 31 just hit guru, so this feels like the appropriate time. i was never really that active on the user forums but i didn’t want to miss out on having my own level 60 celebration thread to bask a little in the praise and attention from strangers. it took me almost exactly two years to finish wanikani, and while it wasn’t my main source of study (because it can’t be), doing my reviews on here had become a very substantial part of my daily life and routine, and so i do feel some sense of solemnity about what are my last few days of using this website. i will probably continue to use it until my subscription expires on the 13th of august. just out of habit, i guess.

the speed at which i leveled up varied because i would occasionally get sidetracked or found myself more invested in other aspects of japanese study, and the last ten levels or so in particularly really just were tedious to get through. my comprehension of japanese, at this point, is decent enough to casually enjoy a movie or manga, and doing wanikani (on top of another srs i am using) took up what i felt was too much time of my day that i could more usefully spend on more immersion. i am also glad i got out before too much of the kana vocab additions come flooding in. nevertheless, i enjoyed my journey.

maybe i’ll drop by on the forums from time to time, but if not: みなさん、さようなら


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:


Congrats!! Enjoy the time that you can use on something else now :grin:


Well, that’s a pretty nice achievement, innit? Welcome to level 60! I’ve got some cake for ya! Enjoy it!

私はNi_koさんに「さようなら」よりも「またね」と言いたいんですけど。 :smiling_face_with_tear: これから頑張ってください!

-Nick at WK


Nice! I hope I have the stamina and resolve for that


Hey, I’ve seen you around. Congrats!

Apparently, I’ve liked your posts a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:



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That’s great to hear! I’m at level 6 right now so I still have a long way to go. I intend on taking the JLPT on Dec. 2025. Wanikani + Bunpro + Anki + Anime + NHK ニュース + ペルソナ3 is my approach!

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Hey you said thats not your main source, what was your Main source to study japanese then?

Thanks in advance

Congrats on reaching this milestone and thanks for your useful feedback

I‘ve been doing WaniKani, MaruMori.io, Crystal Hunters, and immersion through Game Gengo and reading manga.

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Dunno why, but the “innit?” Immediately brought to mind CMOT Dibbler.

Nice! I recently bought a new 3ds xl from japan so I’m going to play 日本語 games on it. Probably start with Yo Kai Watch since it seems like a good entry point.