Finally level 60 😃✌️


Congratulations!!! celebrates
I can’t wait till I’m there. Often I see other people getting it all done within a year and a bit and get all worried about my slow progress. So seeing someone taking longer in the beginning like me but getting there anyway just by continuing and not letting the world dishearten you is really inspiring and makes me happy ^-^
Good luck on your N1 exam!!


Thank you so much!
I’m happy I could help you. It’s really not important how fast you go- what matters is that you don’t burn out and don’t stop.
Don’t let other people worry you at all!


Congratulations! Well deserved lvl 60

By the way, would you still feel like rejected from society?


And certainly you can be proud of a lot more than that. Yeah a few false starts, but clearly you stuck with it after that. Really, your solid performance through the majority of the progression let’s you erase your rocky start.



Great! I wish I could learn that quickly ! :smiley:


Thank you!
I hope this is a reference to the group I made in Race to the Cake.
I really didn’t know what else to do with it so I deleted it :sweat_smile:

I never really felt rejected I was just going through a rebellious teen phase


Thank you!! Despite what I said I am proud of myself. I’m so happy I stuck with it and beat the odds.

There really is cake :durtle_durverted_lvl2:


I also have slow process myself, just got to keep going though. My recall is not great and even now its almost 12am and im trying to catch up on reviews after a long day of work and stuff to do.
Either way some progress is better then none.
Learning kanji in general is not a easy process, but some do it little quicker then others.



4 years is a pretty reasonable rate overall I’d say (much more sane than the 1 year it took someone recently…). It’s taken me 9 months to get 16 levels (level 6-21), though admittedly, I was familiar with a lot of the kanji already, but even so, if I manage to keep up a similar pace for the later (and newer) kanji, I should be done in about another 2.5-3 years or so.


Slow and steady wins the race!
ã€Œé ‘å¼µã‚Œ gif」の画像検索結果


I read your comment on that other post, you said that speed was “disgusting” even when that other person had like 97-98% accuracy… I’m concerned… I just don’t get what is wrong with going fast if you can handle it. Everyone has different backgrounds, goals and capacity.

Don’t sweat it too much, to each their own way of doing things