Feature Update Needed!

My biggest gripe with the WaniKani site is that the background for meaning and vocabulary are the same color.

Can the color be different between the two? When I’m rolling through a review, I most often miss a review because you want the vocab versus the meaning but because my mind sees purple, I go for the meaning first. Is there any way that the system could shake the screen (like when you use an alternate pronunciation) if you accidentally put the English in the vocab or at least change one of those two from purple to a different color? I’d be so much further right now if my mind would slow down and read what you are looking for versus going on automatic based on a color!

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There other hints apart from the colour. ^^ The bar above the answer field is white or black and cites what they’re looking for. The text in the empty answer field is English or Japanese. And it’s either kana or the Latin alphabet.

Don’t any letters in the kana field stop the answer from going through?

Maybe there is a user script out there that can help. You can always look through the list of third party and API stuff.


I’ve to admit that this is happening also to me… just by looking at the keyboard, when I’m rushing to use more “memory than fingers” i write “kusa” instead of “grass” for example.

There’s the “black and white” background to distinguish between meaning and vocabulary, but It’s not a super 100% working solution for me.

I think I’m going to check if there’s a third party somewhere to help me.

My head goes into auto-mode. I type 98 WPM so when I see the purple and the Kanji, my fingers are already flying and pushing the meaning into the field before my mind can register it’s asking for the vocab. If it was a different color it wouldn’t be so bad because my mind would just register Orange = vocab, purple = meaning like it does for pink = kanji

just a minor nuisance :stuck_out_tongue: even if the text box shook after input if it was the matching English word would be helpful so I didn’t get docked for it. It’s one of those, I obviously know what it is, I just put the wrong form in that it was looking for.

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I’ll have to see if there is a 3rd party or API that can help though! Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

There are of course user scripts that allow you to undo an incorrect answer, but you have to trust yourself to only use it for mistakes, without being too lenient on things you didn’t properly know.

I used the double-check script:


Awesome! Thanks I’ll have to see about getting that installed :smiley:

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This thread


has a solution for adding patterns to vocab/kanji backgrounds using CSS. Think it can easily be adjusted to produce different patterns or colors for reading/meaning reviews.

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