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I am new to WaniKani, and like many people say it does take a little to get used to.
One of my biggest stumbling blocks is the reading that it being asked for.
Now I realize that the Vocabulary section often asks for a different reading from the Kanji section.
I think that this would be easier to get, if the colors of the two sections were more different.
When a radical comes up, being blue, you know immediately that its a radical.
The purple and magenta colors, although clearly different, could be more strikingly different to help the brain to go directly to the Kanji or the Vocabulary reading.
I know everything here has been very well studied, so perhaps the colors being similar has a deeper purpose.
Does anyone else feel this way?

I don’t know why those colours were chosen, I doubt there’s any particular reason… maybe at best avoiding shades of red/green for the daltonic folk or something.

But I think the colored backgrounds are just a visual cue to tell people what you’re being quizzed in, so you know what to remember and what to type, nothing else.

I don’t think there’s any point in trying to use it to remember the actual answer, rather just to know which answer you need to use, remember that in the wild there won’t be a background, and honestly, the kanji itself has more clues than wether it’s pink or purple.

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