Possible to generally improve the Review UI/UX?

I’m noticing that it’s all too easy to mistake input fields for another because of the layout, colour scheme, design etc. eg. “Meaning” for “Type in kana” vice versa because of the pink/blue background not matching the inputs

Anyone notice anything similar too? Not an expert by any means.

Can you explain more what you mean by changing oddly? Blue items are radicals and pink items are kanji. They are different colors so you can tell them apart.


Nevermind, just noticed there’s a lot of extensions to play with.
My eyes personally had problems making out the placeholder text.

It’s been a long time since I first joined, but I vaguely remember being confused by this when I first started too, you’ll get used to the colours and what WaniKani is asking for.

You’re always going to be typing in the English meaning when the bar is grey, and you’ll always be typing in the Japanese reading when the bar is black. See Readings vs Meanings.

The blue background is for radicals, the pink background is for kanji, and the purple background is for vocabulary. Vocabulary words are also displayed slightly smaller than kanji and radicals. See What are radicals, kanji, and vocabulary?.

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