Feature Request- Different Color Reading vs. Meaning

Is there any script available that could color code the words “Reading” and “Meaning” when doing reviews? The color change between radicals, kanji, and vocab are great, but since kanji and vocab both have 2 “cards” it’d be nice if there was a way to visually denote what is being required of you WITHOUT having to “read” english for every card. Honestly, you wouldn’t even need text if you just learned that:

White bar = give the reading
Black bar = give the meaning


Well, it already is like that out of the box, no? Black bar for reading, white bar for meaning.

Not sure whether this actually disproves your point now…


How have I gone through 45 levels of WaniKani without noticing this?!


It’s pretty barebones, but you can set both the bar color and the actual text to use (by modifying the script) if the standard white/black bars aren’t sufficient for you

… and I just got Leebo’d on my own script link LOL


Sorry :innocent: Just remembered that last year we were talking about shape of words and shape reading and you then created a script to tackle some points from that discussion…


I’m actually impressed that you remembered and found it. The thread itself died a fairly silent death. I figured nobody cared, although I’ve been using it myself and no longer want to be without, even with the shake behaviour available now.

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I have no idea how I actually missed that WaniKani does EXACTLY what I was asking… and because of that I think I’m going to actually use your script since something about black/white clearly doesn’t actually register. I feel so dumb!!!


recognizable… I too had to be pointed to it (was level 20 or so?). Doesn’t take away that Reading and Meaning have the same vowels, same length, same word ending and the white on black / black on white just didn’t do it for me.

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It also makes the difference in the input field - when it asks for a reading, the grey text in the empty input field switches to Japanese and reads 答え.


Mmmm where exactly is this bar? I’ll take notice when I do my next review.

It is the background of the words „Reading“ and „Meaning“, right above the input field. Both in lessons and reviews :wink:

Oh I was hoping it would be the sliver of a line at the very top. I don’t know if anyone does WK on an iPad but it is so annoying. For some reason, when I hit the little “>” after I input a word, the keyboard pops up and shadows the meaning/reading bar you’re talking about. I need to hide the keyboard or scroll down every time. Yes, first world problems Lol but I hate it.

When I do it on my phone and hit the “>” to get the next word, the keyboard doesn’t pop up automatically so I’m able to see what I’m being asked. Does anyone have the same issue?

yeah, one guy in the comments didn’t notice until this thread and he’s at level 45! I think for some people it’s just not recognizable enough, so your script really helps (especially with changing the words!!)


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