Script to burn/remove easy items from queue

Hey guys - long time no speak!

I first started using Wanikani back in 2013 or so and got to about level 29. I then ended up using Wanikani solely for Kanji learning and switched to book study/Anki for vocab once I started gunning for the JLPT and got to the late 50s for Kanji only. Bit of an odd way to do it but it worked for me and I passed JLPT N1 in 2016. At some point I wanted to kick off Wanikani again properly and bumped myself down to level 29.

I’ve switched career since then and have much more limited time so need to study efficiently. The issue is that I have a huge review queue filled with lower level stuff that I know, but it will take me a long time to get back to balancing my review queue, and a lot of this time will be spent burning and reviewing vocab and kanji that I am familiar with.

Is there any way/script to burn items and remove them from the queue? For example, it makes sense for me to burn about 95% of the vocab up to level 29 or so, leaving only the items I don’t know without a second thought in the queue so I can get back to using WK as normal.

I’ve had a look through the forums but couldn’t find a solid answer.

Grateful for your expertise, guys, much appreciated in advance!

You can’t change the SRS level through scripts or API as far as I know. The only possibility I think would be for a script that autopasses those items in the background when they come up for review. I don’t know if such a script exists.

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I would suggest switch to using a different app like anki in such a case, since you can’t change what items to study on WK.

Another option is to reset additional levels to get rid off items in the review pile. Though, I think that for your case, it would be better to just keep on hacking away at that review pile for a couple of weeks until you have things under control again, not doing any more lessons until you do.


Thanks for the helpful suggestions guys - am in a very weird spot with my language where I used to be pretty fluent but after returning from Japan I am now hugely rusty and struggle to balance it all.

Have been keeping up with Anki more now and then but might just bite the bullet and try to get things moving with WK again. Have found the Flaming Durtles app which has the Anki style function in it so at least I can do 2000 reviews in a couple of hours…

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That would have been my suggestion for reviewing items you’re already familiar with, aye - it’s very much the path of least resistance.

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This script can remove items from your queue (although it’s just client side, they’ll still be there on other devices)

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