Feature Request: Make review recent lessons customisable

(Yes, this was requested a year ago, but I’m giving the idea a bump)

The review recent lessons thingy could be very useful if it was possible to limit the reviews by time.

I generally only need to review the batch of lessons (usually only 10, as that’s the limit on what my aged brain will take in) that I did today.

Instead, I’m faced with reviewing 40 or 50 items, most of which I’m happy that I know well enough not to have to review them every day.

It would be really helpful if the recent lesson reviews could be limited by number of days since you did the lessons. 1day, 2days or all days (I don’t know what the current setting is) would be great.

I know there are scripts to fiddle around with such things, but I work on a tablet, and it’s not so easy to install scripts (plus I’m really old, so…)

Keeping my fingers crossed that this makes it on to the ToDo list :crossed_fingers:t2:


While you are waiting for this feature you may use the Item Inspector script to study your recent lessons with the Recent Lessons filters. This filter takes as a parameter the number of hours the lesson must have been taken to be eligible for review. For example if you set the filter to 24 you will study the lessons taken in the last day.


I use a reorder script to sort reviews by SRS level, so I always get the items with lowest interval first.

This way I usually do a few short sessions daily to keep my apprentice items going, then when I feel like I have more time I take care of the rest.

I think that would be a good feature to implement in the stock site too. Bunpro has it for instance.

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