Extra study - limit number of items

I only use Extra Study right after lessons to make sure that the items are stuck firmly (or as firmly as possible) in my head.

Because I do lessons in small batches, but fairly frequently, Extra Study often includes items from my last 2, or even 3, sessions.

It would be nice if we could limit the items reviewed by number of items (last 10…20…30…etc) as I really don’t want to go back over items that I consider to be learned well enough to get them right in the first review.


If you are into scripts you can limit the session size with Reorder Omega using a “First” filter to truncate the queue


The problem is that this only limits the queue to the first n items in the randomly ordered list of recent lessons. If I understand correctly, @dashdashdot wants to only review the n most recently learned items. This would require first sorting the queue by the date when the item was learned, but I don’t think this is possible with Reorder Omega?

If I understood their requirements correctly, I’m not sure if there exists a userscript that does exactly what they want. Depending on the time interval between their lesson sessions they could maybe use the recent lesson filter in Reorder Omega to only review items learned within the last hour. But if they do multiple lesson sessions within an hour, that also wouldn’t work.

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I work on Android tablets. I don’t know if it’s possible to use scripts, and I wouldn’t have a clue to go about it. Just think of me as your technically-challenged grandma.

Ah, I didn’t realize that they want to do the most recent lessons. Yeah, that’s not possible (so far).

You can use scripts in the Kiwi browser, I think, but I never did it myself

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