Today's lessons review filter?

After using a review reordering script for a month, I suspect I’m just screwing myself up, as Wanikani seems to have gotten much harder in the past month. (Could also be my level)

So, I’m looking for something more simple. A filter which lets me focus on just today’s lessons for a quick review session.

Here’s how I’d use this…
8 morning: lessons + all reviews
12 lunch: review today’s lessons, nothing else
8 evening: all reviews (perhaps with today’s lessons first)

Reviewing “today’s lessons” could optionally be used at 4pm and midnight to catch up on any items I missed at noon.

Just curious if anyone has tried an approach like this with success?

And, if there is an existing script which could be used for a simple filter like this.

Are you looking for a reorder script or a filter for the self study quiz script?

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Not a bad idea per se, but just as easy to abuse as reorder script.

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Are you looking for a reorder script or a filter for the self study quiz script?

Good question. Both actually.

Primarily I’m looking for a reorder/filter script for normal practice - just the items which I learned today.

Yet, after each lesson session or review session, I always do a quick self-test (audio only) on words I just studied. Find it super helpful, but I don’t use self-study quiz for anything else. For this case, I’m guessing “words at Apprentice I & II” will work.

True - but if I have less controls to mess with, I’m less likely to abuse things :slight_smile: Ultimate Reorder was just too fun to play with… I spent as much time playing with it as studying.

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