Favorite Japanese music?

I’m listening to Reol a lot lately, especially this one「 第六感」 [link to the youtube video]


Here’s some Takemitsu for you:

Rain Spell, one of his most beautiful works IMHO.

ありがとう for making this post, I’m slowly listening to what catches my eyes more, see if my ears are catched too :stuck_out_tongue:

This is probably my favourite japanese song:

The video is amazing, but you can also find a version with on-screen lyrics in both kanji, romaji and english.

上を向いて歩こう has already been mentioned, I’d like to recomend a cover by Chu Kosaka I’m really hooked to:

another Japanese artist I’ve been following for many years now is Hiromi, I’ve had the chance to see her live twice and I can only say: SAIKOU DESHOOOUUU :star_struck:

This song has a wonderful Final Fantasy vibe!

I could go on for a very long post here just sharing artists and songs with you guys, I’ll leave just one more, an occult 90’s band that got somehow famous over the internet in the last years, mostly on music specialized forums (reddit/mu) and pages like RyM and the like. It’s Fishmans. If you have 40 minutes to listen to something I encourage you to listen to this one 40 minutes jam, it’s a wondrous mindbending trip. If you don’t have such patience or time or whatever, just look them up, all their other songs are shorter :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been digging the following lately

Mashiro Ayano

My favorite song so far. It sounds so catchy

I am a huge fan of ずっと真夜中でいいのに。Every song of theirs is a banger!

Though 「勘冴えて悔しいわ」is by far my favorite.

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Currently listening to this one:

Got a nice beat, it’s addictive in a certain way

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If you’ve not listened to そのいのち by Kaho Nakamura would strongly recommend!!