Essential Scripts / Addons for New Users

You did not, it seems.

I’m excited to find it at the end of reviews and such! (But wow, I really have to pair it down… over 20 items similar per kanji? O.o… I kept like 6 or 7 for “try”. (I can’t find it in my IME with the on’yomi alone…). Anyway, I’m super excited; thank you for pointing out the existence of your script!

You can try fiddling with the “minimal score” in the settings, higher values mean less kanji candidates being displayed.

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essential scripts:

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That gif would be funny if it was her own hand… :smiley:


Ohhh I can stalk you again.



I missed out on JP stalking?


It is terribly important that people can look up my aimless waffling vital contributions!


I’m surprised no one has brought up this script. This script is one of my top ten favourite scripts!

Another one is Ignore. No more typos. It takes discipline to use this script.

Another one is Hide review Accuracy by @RysingDragon

I must stop! Otherwise I can’t stop talking about scripts SRS features I can’t live without.