Duendecat - Sentence looper (by WK level)

One of the things that I’ve found difficult while using Wanikani has been keeping burned words/kanji fresh in my memory whenever I’m too busy/distracted to sit down and do some real hardcore studying, which I’ve discovered can be achieved (with the least amount of effort) by keeping a list of short sentences nearby and then incorporating those into some kind of continuous 24/7 “total immersion” environment.

So in November last year I started working on a simple slideshow app that could be left running permanently on a dedicated computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) which would cycle randomly through sentences in Japanese that contain kanji that I’ve studied.  This eventually resulted in a more ambitious web app called Duendecat that contains tens of thousands of sentences from the updated version of the Tanaka corpus, which are grouped into Wanikani levels 1-50 with the following features:

  • It’s free!  :)
  • Long / short sentence option
  • Pause / skip controls
  • Speed control
  • Furigana
  • English / Japanese interface
    - Flashcard option
  • Cumulative option:  shows sentences that contain combinations of kanji learned in previous Wanikani levels
    - Add your own sentences and categories
    - Spaced repetition reviews

    For the next couple of months I’ll be adding new sentences / furigana-izing the cumulative levels.  I’ve tried to reduce translation errors as much as possible, but nothing’s perfect so if you do find something that’s off then please let me know by clicking the Report Sentence button.   :)


    Update 12/29/13:
    Added “about” section and donation button.
    Update 01/12/14:  
    • Cumulative levels option:  Select your Wanikani level and Duendecat will display sentences containing any of the kanji you’ve previously studied (every combination).  Furigana for cumulative levels is currently available for level 26 and below; more will be added in the coming weeks.

    • Flashcard mode option: hides furigana until the English translation has been revealed
    • Skip: press return / right cursor to move immediately to the next slide
    • Option guide: explains each option in detail
    • Corrected most of the weird timing issues
    • Minor bug fixes
    Update 01/18/14:
    • Increased the amount of time between translation / next sentence
    • Added hotkey reference to option guide
    Update 03/09/14:
    • Lists - You can either save the sentence on screen to a custom group (up cursor) or add your own new sentence.
    • Blacklist - Sentences in this list will not be displayed on the main screen
    • Report sentence button - Found a translation error?  Click the thumbs down icon (above the sentence), and it will be sorted out.
    • List Manager - Log in, add new sentences, drag/drop to organise, see what other people have added publicly & then drag to your own lists.
    • Ratings - If you mark your new sentence as ‘public’ then its reliability can be rated by others.
    • New hotkeys (see option guide)
    • Pause mode is now identical in appearance to loop mode.
    • Many other bugfixes / code improvements.
    Update 04/07/14:
    • Dictionary - When you position the mouse over a kanji you will now see its definition and readings (on’yomi & kun’yomi).
    • Added a small widget to show the list of kanji that Duendecat is using to search for sentences (desktop only).
    • Welcome screen - Duendecat is now 100% more welcoming.
    Update 05/28/14:
    • Added slider controls for text size and contrast (background opacity).
    Update 08/04/14:
    • Reviews - There is now a shiny new spaced repetition feature built into the list manager.  The levelling times are comparable to Wanikani’s SRS, but the style of answering is closer to Anki (choosing the next interval yourself based on how well you could read the sentence).


Oh wow that’s neat. Do you think you could make the font change with the window size?

Awesome idea. I’m lovin’ it.

What do the hipsterize button do?

Not sure if I missed it, but is there a way to set it to click to show answers or does it only work in a slideshow type view? Other than that, this is really awesome! :D

Wait, is this the best thing I’ve ever seen this day? Why, yes. IT IS! Awesome!


I have so much touble reading Japanese because on WK, I know I’ve studied that Kanji so I must know the meaning. But in real texts, if the reading doesn’t come straight away, I assume I haven’t learnt it. 


I’m rewarding you with cookies and cream and a BIG-ASS MEDAL.

EDIT: (I’ve been on this website for like the past 10 minutes and) it would be cool if there were a ‘move on’ button.

Hey, thanks.

Cimmic:  the Hipsterize button removes sentences that contain popular (frequently appearing) kanji from the available ‘pool’ of sentences, which should make the results a bit more varied and interesting.  It’s more noticeable on some levels more than others - for example, about 45% of the sentences in the un-hipsterized level one pool have 人 included somewhere in them, and after hipsterization this number is reduced to somewhere around 8% (which will also be the case for the other kanji in this level when this option is turned on).

I’ve got a text-size control and a ‘manually continue’ option planned for the next release, which should be some time in January.  Progress will be slow at first since I do web development as my day job, and I’ve got a few music/band related projects going on in the evenings, so I’ll be chipping in an hour or two whenever I have the time.

Very, very cool! Thanks for sharing! That’s something I’ve been looking for!

This looks really nice… I’ll have to try it out more when I’ve got some time.  Thanks!

This is very cool! I’ll be using this as a screensaver while I improve my reading. Thanks a bunch!

Oh wow that’s neat.

This is awesome. I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful web app.

This is quality!!! I’ll definitely be using this for the foreseeable future. Thank you for sharing you absolute legend.


I’d like a button to have the furigana pop with the english sentence rather than just on-off. No other way to quickly validate you read the kanji correctly.

Also, is the 15 level max/one group set max thing permanent? Unsure if I just want to check all of the levels I’ve done so far.

Didn’t expect those kind of sentences www (also “pray forgive me”? lol)

mayucchi said... Didn't expect those kind of sentences www (also "pray forgive me"? lol)

Haha that's a crackin couple of sentences right there.

This is really cool.

I would really really love to get this on to Anki though…

Is there any way you can get this to run while a computer is in sleep mode? It would be great to have this running while I am chilling in my room.

Amazing! Thank you for this. Always amazed by the efforts made by the WK community :slight_smile:

Worked great on mobile as well. But could you perhaps add a little arrow button for the sidebar for the times when mobile users might have a hard time making the sidebar disappear? :slight_smile:

This is perfect, thanks again!