Any programs that can make sentences for you to practice?

Is there any app that could like, make sentences using only (for example) vocabulary and kanji under level 10, or something like that? or maybe based on the JLPT levels?

It would be so useful… I’m constantly seeing kanji I’ve learned, interspersed in blocks of Japanese text (which I find exciting), but they’re mixed in with many unknown ones.

Just wondering, I’m surprised they haven’t already made something like this, considering how many stupid and pointless apps are out there lol.

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Is the closest thing I know of. It doesn’t “make” sentences but it has a good number


This is really cool !!

Check out bunpro.

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Doesn’t that site use Tatoeba for sentences, which can feature unnatural Japanese, due to being written by anyone who wants to submit them? I think that used to the case with Duendecat, but maybe they changed it.

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I just played around with it for the last ten mins or so and there’s some grammer I don’t know is correct… just saw nakushita instead of nakunatta. Never heard nakushita IRL and the English translation given pulled as nakunatta in a dictionary when I checked to see if nakushita was a verb I hadn’t been to exposed to. That to say, seems like your suspicion is grounded.

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Well なくす is a transitive verb for “to lose” so it could be okay. But often it will be subtle things like slightly unnatural word choices.

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I’ve wanted the same thing for a while. I wonder if we can community create something for people to create & add sentences using kanji up to certain levels?

Could create something in google sheets so everyone could access but that’s not very exciting! But would be for example one tab of sentences up to level ten, next tab sentences up to 20 etc.

Would be good practice for everyone to try sentences but also to read.

There’s also the 4,500 sentences practice sheet in the WaniKani store, unfortunately it’s still a bit too hard for beginning levels. I bought it in a sale and I’m aiming to give it a proper go once I get to level 20.

I’m gonna guess no.

I don’t know how good or bad Tatoeba is. Even if there’s some wonk in the corpus as long as they don’t base their entire Japanese curriculum on it it seems okay. It sounds like OP just wants some casual practice so I don’t think there’ll be much of an issue.

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This seems like fun. A few sentences seemed less than 1000% perfect, but I like it a lot. Mostly solid, relatively useful sentences in the 2 minutes I looked at it.

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