Level Texts using WK levels

Hi guys,

I wish we could have texts to read using kanjis based on WK levels. I’m always desperate to find levelled texts using at least joyo kanji or school levels, but all of them are most of the time for beginners with lame vocabulary and then advanced ones. (or with / without furigana).

if WK created texts to read after you reach a certain level or maybe a text for each level, I’d love to even pay for it.

Just saying. I’ll end up doing it myself with a japanese friend. I’d like to check that I could understand everything I learned already. I think a native could do this pretty fast.

I think it depends how much you paid them.


Have fun!


Standard warning that duendecat uses Tatoeba sentences, which can be edited by anyone and thus aren’t necessarily written by native Japanese, native English, or checked by those either.

Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. Are they known to have issues?

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I hear https://www.satorireader.com is also good. It can be used with WK.


The database started as a collection of sentences written by Japanese learners. I have no idea what the general state of the database is now, but as long as it remains open like that, I just don’t bother with it.

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I second this, Satori Reader is pretty great with lots of interesting articles and stories and you can sync it with your WK API so that kanji you know appear according to your knowledge, and you can toggle the furigana the same way as well



Can I third this?

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I was just checking it out and I was wondering, does it automatically update new kanji when I learn them or do I have to re-import?

It updates every 24 hours, so kanji remain up-to-date :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bye money!

I 4th this.

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Does it ever get any harder than the free articles?
Everything seems to be a difficulty 3 or so and quite short.

I realise its a graded reader, but of the free stuff I’ve read on there; it all feels like a reader really…
The listening is a bit too pretty to…

I’m not critising it, just as someone who is not desperate to part with more money…

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That’s kind of hard to assess since I don’t know how your japanese proficiency is compared to mine (i.e. you could be better at japanese than me), but the series I’ve started have been challenging in their own ways to me grammar-wise as they progressed (my grammar level isn’t as great as my reading ability)

You could always do 1 month and see how it goes if you’re interested in gauging the difficulty without too much of a commitment

You will still be coming across new words in hiragana and katakana, which is nice, but I wouldn’t make a habit of reading things only if you know the kanji. I know you said you wanted to check your knowledge, but I think you would be surprised by how many words use level 1-4 kanji that you didn’t learn on here.

The problem is knowing your own level is pretty tough too.
Vocab and kanji are not great, but unless its something that uses funny grammar there isn’t much grammar I have encountered that I cant read.

Sometimes they teach you specific expressions within the texts that may or may not be found in English, so that’s pretty cool, and as far as new vocab or grammar points, you can add them to a study list and review them SRS style, so that’s a pretty neat feature. Or even just encountering words you do know and then seeing the contexts they’re used in can reinforce it that much more for you

It really just depends on what you’re needing at the level you’re at, if any of what I’ve mentioned is something you’re interested in, I definitely recommend it as a resource, but if you find it too easy and not encountering enough things you don’t know, it may not be worth it for you

EtoEto is intended to serve this purpose, isn’t it?

It’ll probably be released within our lifetimes…


i feel like you should also make ‘probably’ bold, to put more emphasis on it.