Sentence practice websites

I want to start writing sentences. My plan is to make flashcards for all the vocab I know, organize them in to groups like nouns, verbs, adjectives, expressions, etc… then draw a random card from each group and make a sentence from them. Is there a website or app that can do something like this?


I don’t think it’s actively maintained, but this simple site will generate parts of speech at different wanikani levels for you to rearrange like fridge magnets

It takes a bit of clicking around to figure it out. Start with setting a WK level. Click “new set”

It will create a blank container. Then click “get cards” to have the words appear


Also not exactly what you’re looking for, but this site will generate sentences up to certain WK levels if you’re looking for sentences at your level to mine

Edit: although looking at the options, it does have a flashcard mode and the ability to create custom lists… so maybe helpful


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