Custom reviews?

Is there any way to do custom reviews in Wanikani where you can cherry pick exactly what vocabulary words you want to study? I’ve been having words that I’ve repeatedly gotten wrong on the later SRS level reviews (like for Master or later where the reviews are much more spaced out) since they use uncommon or exceptional readings of kanji that I easily forget because I pretty much never see them anywhere else (and I’ve found that the mnemonics that WK gives don’t really do it for me, lol.) The closest thing I have currently is the Self-Study Quiz script with a preset that includes only leeches (which I’ve aptly named “Pains in my A**”) and I suppose that could suffice for items that are currently giving me trouble, but I was just wondering if there was anything related to Wanikani (like a script or something) where you could build your own review deck.

Granted, I’m only on level 24 right now so readings that I find “exceptional” may just be readings that I have yet to see be used more than once or twice, but I think my point still stands.

Yeh is great as you can make your own flashcards and has an SRS system similar to wanikani, i havent used it myself but ive heard from many that its usefull.

oops the url is sry haha

I’ve used Anki before - for a time, I used it to study both a kanji deck based on Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji textbook and a 2k/6k core vocabulary deck before I found Wanikani and decided I preferred WK for kanji and vocabulary. Without knowing the kanji, I was terrible at recognizing vocabulary words that used them and remembering what they meant, and Heisig’s book doesn’t teach readings of kanji. As far as I could tell, WK did the job of both decks and streamlined it into one system. Really the only thing WK lacks is kana-only vocabulary, which I probably will make (or find) an Anki deck for.

That could be a viable option for making custom vocabulary study decks, I was just hoping something more convenient would be out there for WK so I wouldn’t have to build a whole new deck on another application, lol.

I remember a script for you to add new custom items on the wk srs. They don’t affect leveling up and your stats, but if you’re using it for existing wk items, it may mess you up a bit. I can find it if that’s what you’re looking for

Sure, if you wouldn’t mind finding it for me, I could check it out and see if it’s something I might be interested in.

I thought it ran on wk itself, but it actually doesn’t, so it’s probably what you aren’t looking for, since you’d need to build your own deck from scratch

Have you tried using the quiz feature of Item Inspector?

I’ve not really used it extensively but it has a lot of different methods to sort things and quiz yourself on them. It might be able to do what you want.

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This one does

unfortunately gorbit’s one doesn’t seem to be all that complete right now (I tried using it for polv’s L80 deck, and it was a bit of a pain. The import function doesn’t really seem to work. I’d hope it gets completed one day, though.)

I’d echo Rihn (happy birthday!) and recommend trying out the existing custom quiz scripts; personally I use rfindley’s Self-Study Quiz. It’s a bit fiddly, but you can try playing around in the settings.

Here’s an example of a setup in the Self-Study Quiz.

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Here is a procedure to best use Item Inspector for your purpose.

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Under the Settings tab, turn on the Kanjidic2/Traditional Radicals in the Optional filter section. Save the settings and refresh the browser.
  3. Go to the settings again.
  4. Under the Tables tab create a new table with the new button.
  5. Under the Filters tab go select the Explicit List filter. There you can make a list of the items you want to study. You can save the list in an export file and you can read your file back again. This is in effect creating decks of items for studying.
  6. When you select this table in the main interface you can click the Self-Study Quiz buttons to be quizzed on your items.

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