WaniKani + Anki/Flash card app integration?

I know many people have discussed creating Anki decks that resemble the WK SRS style, but how about the reverse? I’m so content with the way WK works so I want whatever else I pick up in terms of kanji/vocab to add to it instead of being similar to it.

So for example, I learn new vocab words from watching Japanese shows. Is there a way to customize my WK so that it becomes part of my vocab deck and follows the journey from Apprentice to Burned?

Sorry if this ends up redundant, I wasn’t sure if this counted as a new topic compared to the previous Anki discussions.

PS: I learn vocab words in Satori Reader too, which you add to your personal review list and also follow a similar SRS review style to WK. But yeah it only works for vocab existing in the texts provided by Satori.


It’s not possible to add custom cards to WK, but you could mimic the intervals of WK in a separate SRS like Anki. Then use an add-on to automatically suspend cards with an appropriately long interval, which is the equivalent to burning an item. Is that what you are looking for, or is that just WK style SRS?

Ah true, I did consider this, but learning the basics of Anki and the customizing for the intervals felt like a hassle (guess I’m just impatient haha). I also didn’t want to open another app when I have so many already :sweat_smile: Thanks though! Maybe someday I’ll try it again.