Anki Decks for Vocab not on WaniKani

Yo what’s up everyone. This is my first post on here and I have a question about what you do for vocab that is not on wanikani. Currently, I have been adding to an anki deck that I made with words that are not on wanikani from this list: Wanikani vs JLPT - Full Data - Google Sheets

It is a little slow and I am willing to continue (I have only been adding katakana words so far) but I would like to know if anyone has a deck with some of these words already as it would make everything a little easier.

Thank you!

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There’s Torii SRS, which has a WK-exclusion mode, so you could learn the most common 10K words for example, without learning any of the ones you’d learn on WK. Works just the same as WK, has example sentences, audio, it’s very nice.

Then there’s Kitsun which is also amazing, they have community decks for some books, they have JLPT lists, WK expansion decks etc.

If you want to learn all vocab for a certain book / series, is amazing.

And I’d always recommend having a look through this amazing thread : The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!


Okay thank you! I will look through all of these.

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How about an anki deck with just the vocabulary of wanikani? :eyes:

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