Back to Level 1... But I will not be defeated!

Well, I had high hopes for myself. It’s a habit of mine to start something, be extremely eager to stick with it, and then fail and burn out.

It happened a few months ago, I was making great progress on WaniKani, and to no one else’s blame but my own, I stalled out on my studies. I can use the excuse that this covid stuff is affecting me, or that work has been crazy or that I’m just too busy, but the only reason I can really find is the fact that I just didn’t stick with it. The site icon is on the homescreen of my phone and I see it every day, but rarely did I actually click it and check things out. There’s a shortcut on my work PC and home PC and the same happens with them.

A few weeks ago I got back on and did a few reviews, realized I really didn’t remember many of the readings of the newer stuff I was learning so I reset down to level 10 (I was only on level 12). Once again, I just didn’t go back and then a week ago I decided to try again. After doing a few more, I once again realized even kanji were lost on me. I knew the meanings but I couldn’t remember a lot of the actual readings of them. I decided to do the hard thing and reset to level 1. I had started finally burning on my studies and felt very defeated when I made the decision, but I knew there was no way to keep myself from messing up too much and that a simple “memory joggin dance” would not fix this.

I woke up on the first day of my new beginning and I will say, I feel somewhat refreshed. It’s kind of nice going back and relearning some of the readings and vocab I got rusty with. I honestly believe that I can do this and that if I stay headstrong I will be able to hit level 60.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I just wanted to share my experience with you guys! Have a great day!


I was in a similar situation to yours, after getting to around level 10 I began slowing down, at first I stopped doing new lessons and only did reviews and after that dropped WaniKani all together. At the end of last year I finally decided to get back into it and started again from level 1. Right now I’m higher than where I was when I last ended and definitely don’t regret starting fresh. Reinforcing everything from the lower levels sets you up for the future anyways.

Good luck!


Glad to have you back with us @Nooters :raised_hands:t2:

If you feel like connecting with fellow Durtles and learn along, you can join the below thread.


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