Just reset to Level I!

Wow. It was hard to do, but I think it will help. I got to level 25 and had been stuck for some time. I’d been using other tools but plateaued, then took a break which got me overwhelmed. But I figure walking the path the second time I should get back to level 25 in a couple of months, and hopefully know things better.

Anyone else ever do this?


I reset a while ago to Level 1 and it has been amazing! I realize how much I had learned, but am learning faster on the things I didn’t have memorized well. I am moving much faster and doing better now. It was a good thing for me. Hope it is for you, too.


welcome back

I hope this time around will be better for you! I personally do not have experience with restarting but I wanted to send you a nice welcome to start of your resumption of WaniKani.

All the best on your kanji journey @larrydeluca!

Out of context comment:
Also, happy :birthday: to @dunlewy!


Thank you! Although at this point in my life, I’m just happy to wake up alive.
And, wow, my first cake!


The cake is a lie. Keki ga uso da.


Yeah, I reset to level 1 from 28 in September. Took me 5 years to get to that point, and after 4 months of consistency I’m over halfway back and it feels completely different. Hitting the regular SRS intervals makes everything so much easier. Plus, this time I’m doing 10-20 lessons and clearing my reviews every day which turns a rollercoaster ride into a pretty smooth one. No more mountains!

It’s not for everyone, but for me it’s 100% been worth it.


Your birthday is another proof that the universe looked at you and went, eh, he can stay. And also a day when you can eat food of your choice that you wouldn’t normally.


I did a reset on Level 2, because I was incosistent and didn’t make WaniKani part of my routine. Everything is going good so far, I made to level 3 less than 1 month :slight_smile: Good luck with your journey!


I did a reset from/to a few levels up, but I do not regret them at all! I took a big break from WK, and I needed it to relearn basically from scratch. You won’t regret it, and the levels will breeze by much easier the second time around!


Logged in today after almost 2 years of absence because I was so overwhelmed with the reviews I let pile up while real life happened back then. I didn’t know you could reset your levels so I’m excited to do that now and restart my WaniKani journey!!!


i reset twice, from 24 to 20, and from 31 to 12. both resets followed a year long absence due to stuff in real life.

it might have been possible for me to stick through it, had i not gone that fast. i could have overcome the mountain after my return(s) with more persistence as well, but ask yourself this: is it necessary to suffer through endless, frustrating review sessions with disappointingly low accuracy, just to keep a level on wk?


Yep, I’ve done a similar reset (from the 20’s down to 1), and I’m loving it. It really is surprising how much you remember - my accuracy is always close to 100%. My only worry is that while I might be reinforcing things, I’m not really learning anything new (which is something I’m super guilty of - I know I should be practising the things I don’t know if I want to progress!)


I made the same experience and I was “only” 19


lvl 5 it is for me. from 22.
it is better now…


I reset to lvl1 around november and honestly it was exactly what I needed to get back into things. The first few levels are not challenging but a great way to reinforce what you already know, have a solid foundation. We can do it!!


i’m so glad for this thread
i came here because i was about to reset to 1. kind of wanted validation that it was ok to start over
i bought lifetime but got stuck at level 15. i dont want to stop for good so i will reset


May I suggest to add every level up date in your calendar?


Yes! I just reset too, three days ago. I was at level 34 and completely stuck; I was starting to forget kanji and vocab and it got to the point that every time I got 100 or more reviews, I would be so overwhelmed that I wouldn’t be able to do them. I’m normally really self motivated and consistent in life in general so resetting to level 1 felt like purging the internal sin away, lol

Starting over, interesting to see how the timing of apprentice and guru items has changed: I will get level 2 after only four days. It’s nice to see WaniKani’s updates and the team’s work!

I hope this reset is positive for you too!


Thank you!!

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Yeah, I’ve found if you keep between 50-100 in your “apprentice” level that’s plenty. I once had over 200 in apprentice level, so I was doing hours a day of WK. Once I started doing other things it began to compete, and it was taking up enough time I wasn’t using enough other things - so I had great vocab but weaker in other areas.

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