Don't be afraid to come back

I started WaniKani in June of this year, I was powering through levels as much as I could while working full-time. I wanted to learn Japanese and I was doing the work to get there. I started listening to podcasts, reading graded readers, and buying good introductory manga. My knowledge base and comprehension were rapidly improving, and I even had that “AHA!” moment where I finally understood what somebody was saying without any context in English.

I got to level 6 and then, in early September, I stopped. It wasn’t a gradual ramp down in speed, I wasn’t losing interest, I just stopped doing the work one day, and then all of the days that followed. I stopped coming back to WaniKani on a daily basis, I stopped listening to the podcasts, and I stopped reading. I didn’t feel good about it. It felt like a part of my daily routine just disappeared.

It’s been nearly 3 months since then and I finally returned to WaniKani. I looked at my dashboard with 500+ reviews, and flicked through the levels to see what I could remember, and it wasn’t looking too good. It felt a lot like wading through a hoarder’s house after they pass. So after a bit of reflection, and some time steeling myself for what I had to do, I reset WaniKani back to level 1. It feels slow, but it feels nice, I’m blowing through all of the early stuff. All I can say for anyone in my position is this: Don’t be afraid to start over, it’s gonna be okay. WaniKani works really well, but it only works if you do the work. Make sure to stay on top of your reviews, and don’t be afraid to pause. But if this is something that you truly want to do then do the work, and if you don’t do the work don’t be afraid to start anew.

This was kind of a rambly post but it felt appropriate to make. I believe in all of you, lets’s all make it to level 60!

EDIT: I did this again on May 2nd, hopefully 3rd times the charm :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: It’s looking like it is! I’ve finally broken through level 6! I’m on level 7 now and I feel like this is where things are really starting to pick up. I don’t feel like I’m slowing down, and I definetly don’t feel like I want to. Here are my stats :blush: :


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