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お天気雨 was super unnerving, 社長の日常 was super cute, and アウグーリ・ボナンノ was really fun thanks to the game of where is waldo we played :stuck_out_tongue:

Special mention to ため息橋 because there were some good vibes between 灯里 and 暁, but he was an ass one or two times too many for that chapter to make it to “favorite” level.

Edit: It’s crazy how all over the place we are so far :rofl:


Right?! That one wins overall favourite for me.

I liked the slight creepiness of both the sun shower chapter and the carnival chapter. The latter wasn’t so interesting or atmospheric overall but I really liked the composition of some of the panels and the reveal was actually a surprise to me (アリア社長’s appearance in particular made me grin).

I actually found the Bridge of Sighs chapter kind of a grind to get through :sweat_smile:


I felt the same.


Nooooooo! I just chose 6 options and then realised I’m only allowed 3…
Decisions, decisions… :sweat:

ヒーロー見参 was just adorable.
I am besotted with shrine architecture, so the slightly spooky お天気雨 was a visual treat.
And I really couldn’t decide between 雪虫 , アウグーリ・ボナンノ, 桃源郷 and 謝肉祭, so in the end I only voted for the first two.

Also, @seanblue, no making polls and then not voting in them yourself!


I wanted to skim a few pages of each chapter before voting.


Oh, no! What have I done?? Why oh why did I limit the poll to three options? :sob:

Anyway, I finally voted. My favorites were by far 雪虫 and 星の謳声. My third vote was for お天気雨. ため息橋, アウグーリ・ボナンノ, and 謝肉祭 were also really good, but not as good.

I’m actually surprised no one else voted for 星の謳声. Did you guys not like the Gnomes and all the gravity stuff?


I really liked 星の謳声, I had such a hard time picking between that one, お天気雨, and ため息橋…actually, I don’t even remember why I didn’t pick 星の謳声 over ため息橋 tbh. It was probably some really dumb reason. Or I might have just picked one of those three at random because I couldn’t decide xD

If only you had allowed four choices… :wink:


It’s between that one and the Sun Shower or Carnival chapters for me and I secretly haven’t really read the gnomes chapter properly yet cos I was away shhhh I’m catching up!


Oh hey, I accidentally discovered that they are doing an English publication of Aria the Masterpiece.


… What.

Tokyopop has kept us waiting on volume seven for nearly eight years. How dare they come rolling back in now and expect us to just lap it up?


Coincidence? I think not. Once more the book club influences global markets.


So who’s ready for volume 3?

  • Me me me!
  • Still me, but ugh I’m so busy!
  • Nah, I don’t care

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P.S. I might open the thread tonight.


I’m excited! Hopefully not so much re-treading of old ground for this volume.


I don’t think it will, but we’ll see!


Alright, volume 3 is here a bit early.


Aaaaand that answers the question I just asked in said thread.


Look what I got for Christmas :smiley:


:thinking: An Orange planet uniform? But not Alice.
Could it be the 3rd 妖精 that we still know nothing about?

Such spoilers! :stuck_out_tongue:


And an unknown cat. Is that the 社長 of Orange planet perhaps??


But that is Alice. :wink:

Guess now I know who gets introduced in this chapter, since I haven’t read it yet (though I was kind of expecting it anyway, so whatever).