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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 42: 停電


Start Date: June 22th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 41
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I’m still catching up. :sob:


Which is fine. The topic isn’t going anywhere :slight_smile:


I’m about halfway through the fourth volume, so I guess I should be caught up until next week, at least :slight_smile:

I mean, I could probably just read it all tomorrow, but there’s something about Aria that just makes me lose interest for the day after reading a chapter, even though I usually at least somewhat enjoy reading it


That might be why I’m fine not bingeing it :thinking:

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It’s meant to be enjoyed at a slower pace. I watched the entire anime in like 4 days, because it was getting dropped from the streaming service I was watching it on. I would much rather have watched it over a couple months. I would never be able to read a volume of Aria over a couple days because I’d get bored.


So, page 36 - have these two been in the manga before? Am I going to have to flip through what we’ve read so far to see if I can find them?

Everyone in the gondola rearranges between pages 40 and 41 - I’m guessing the colour pages were drawn at a different time. Aria moves to the girl’s seat, the girl moves to the guy’s seat, the guy moves to Alicia’s seat, and Alicia is now sitting in the amidships stool.

So, pages 50-51 (and subsequent, I guess)… I imagine the visual effect is quite pretty, but the thought of placing, lighting, and above all, not burning the house down with all those candles makes me cringe a little bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaand Alicia breaks out the alcohol again.

I confess I’m not entirely clear as to how the first and second halves of this chapter are related. I feel like in Aria there’s normally some kind of explicit callback in the dialogue at the end, but this one doesn’t have it…


The callback is on pages 59/60. Today she got to see a bunch of stuff she never noticed before.


Another nice chapter of Aria with the right amount of (for me) challenging reading while still being able to maintain the flow.

あら あら There’s nothing wrong with Alicia enjoying some red wine is there? (I know I probably would in that atmosphere.) It’s not like she’s giving it to the minors (this time).

I did enjoy the cosy second half of the chapter and its moments of wonder.


Not that I can recall. But please don’t let me stop you rereading the previous 4 volumes to double check. :wink:


I’m with Belthazar on the “not burning the house down” thoughts!
With that many candles it is entirely possible the ARIA HQ can be seen from space

What happened in that middle panel? ARIA社長 tripped over a candle and sent it spinning through the air?


Hah. I didn’t even see that.

I have no idea. He wasn’t near any candles in the first two panels on the page. Maybe I should see if I can find the animated version of the story, and see their take on it…


So what’s the end supposed to mean?

End quote


Are you asking about the 大放出 in particular? Because the rest of the sentence seems fairly straightforward.

And actually, I have no idea. I think I might have skipped this panel when I read it…

Well and its relationship to 発見 if there is one. The これぞまさに is a little weird too, but that’s less of a problem.

大放出 seems to mean giving generously (?)
I thought that the 発見&大放出 referred to all the stories that Alicia shared, and the fact that it feels like they could just keep talking forever, which hadn’t happened before because they are usually sleeping in different buildings.
but I could be completely wrong

Help, @Naphthalene…?

I do not have the book with me right now (and I’m on a short break at work so I don’t have much time to think about it either).
I took it the same way as you, with the added inclusion of finding out about the garden at the beginning of the chapter.
Checking a bit around the web, 大放出 is used for big lists of stuff (right now I’m l can see “top 280 words you have to know for the toefl/toeic” and “top 16 job hunting websites for foreign students”) or important releases (e.g., an hour long special on the members of Nogizaka (?) 46)
So, yeah, I think it fits?


There’s no & in my version, by the way. I feel like the sentence makes much more sense without it.

Huh, that’s weird. Yet another mysterious change. Based on your explanation I agree that the ampersand feels out of place.

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