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If you have to choose between Aria and 時をかける少女, I’d recommend dropping Aria temporarily. I feel there are less random questions you might have in a manga, so those will probably be answered already, making it easy to catch up. On the other hand, there are infinitely more stuff that may trip someone up in a book, and you are more likely to get a prompt answer while the club is actively reading it :slight_smile:


I was going to suggest the same thing, but for a different reason. @tessberg It sounds like maybe you need to push yourself a little more. Reading both may be too much, but in that case I think you should push yourself by sticking with 時をかける少女 rather than taking it easy with Aria.


Would it help if I took over for Aria 3, or would you prefer to continue handling that as you’ve done the first two?


At what point should I watch the anime? Should I wait until I’ve read the last of volume 7? (I haven’t even bought volumes 5 to 7 of Masterpiece yet. Perhaps I should do that at some point.)


I’m gonna be playing catch-up when I get back from my holiday, so a bit of a break so that I don’t have to rush would be nice.

You should watch the anime at all points. :slightly_smiling_face:

But in all seriousness, Masterpiece volume 3 introduces a new main character whose introduction in the anime is episode 3, so maybe wait until after then. For the most part, the anime - especially the first season - largely takes ideas and plots from the manga rather than repeating chapters exactly.


Nah, I don’t mind continuing to handle it for now. But I’ll let you know if I change my mind. Thanks!


Thanks for the advice. I agree with you both. 時をかける少女 will be more educationally beneficial to me. At least, I hope so. That’s why I voted for it. That has to be the priority. So if i have to, I’ll temporarily drop aria. I’ll shed a tear or two… but then I’ll drop it like it was third period french :slight_smile:

But I think I can do both. These are very famous last words, but “this time it’s different”. Previously, I have been complaining about not having time to read much during weekdays due to anki. Well… during the last couple of weeks I have been dialing that down and it’s beginning to show results. I’ve even had time to go back and read some of the chapters of NNB i skipped and I have considered if I should casually read along Natsume in secret (We’ll see. I’m not too hyped about it, but I do have to book).

The plan going forward is to make reading an integral part of the daily study routine (at least for the duration of 時をかける少女). I do anki for about 2,5 hours/day on average. I should at least be able to carve out an hour of that for reading. But like with wanikani, you pay the price today for the pace you were going at 3-4 months ago. Reviews doesn’t stop the moment you stop doing lessons. So it takes a good while for the changes to take full effect.



chapter 4?


Based on the voting it looks like we’ll take a short break. Are there any objections to starting volume 3 on December 1st (a three week break)? I picked this date so @hachiken can focus on the JLPT, and also to give plenty of time for me to catch up and @Belthazar to catch up after his vacation without rushing. And as a bonus, it should give enough time for @neicul to finish reading volume 2 and start reading volume 3 with us week to week!


Ooh that should be super doable, I’ll pick up vol 3 while on vacation then ^^ (if @Radish8 doesn’t snatch the last copy before me :wink: )


Hehehe :eyes:

@seanblue I’m a fan of this plan :blush: means I don’t have to worry so much if I’m not able to keep up with the last couple of chapters while on holiday either (and if neicul steals the last volume I’ll have time to get it shipped :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Don’t worry about aria. It’s just a last resort. And there’s a plan in place. What could possibly go wrong :slight_smile:

I only have chapter 7 and the bonus chapters remaining of NNB. I have skimmed the bonus chapters and decided that I’ll skip them. The other chapters I’ve read “semi-casually”. I looked up everything I didn’t understand, but gave up and moved on pretty quickly if I didn’t find an answer.

Chapter 4 was...

…pretty funny. Maybe the funnies of the entire volume. If the zombie apocalypse ever happens, I’d want Ren-chon on my team. What a surviver!


Reading schedule for volume 3 has been added to the main post. @Naphthalene Feel free to add the chapter and page numbers for original Aria when you have time.


Oh, hey, I see that the last chapter of the second edition of AQUA is finally coming :stuck_out_tongue:

But sure, I’ll try to fill in the rest tonight.


So how’s that coming along? :stuck_out_tongue:


8 days later
I 100% forgot about it.
Edit: ok done


Thanks! :grin:


Really appreciated T__T I hit hard time too… The end of the year customers are the worst.


What was everyone’s favorite chapter(s) in volume two?

  • ネオ・ヴェネツィア
  • 陸揚げ
  • ヒーロー見参
  • ため息橋
  • お天気雨
  • ヴォガ・ロンガ
  • 雪虫
  • 桃源郷
  • 社長の日常
  • 星の謳声
  • アウグーリ・ボナンノ
  • 謝肉祭

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I don’t think I grinned as much as when I read about the 正義の味方