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O-oh. Nevermind then.
what happened to her hairstyle?


The wind is blowing.

Plus, the cover designs are a little bit more artistic than the manga panels. Nothing more than that.

A Pair? Sure, absolutely. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mebbe don’t post the cover of volume 6 until we get there. Or 7, to a lesser extent.

But congrats, in any case.


I didn’t even notice. The gloves look very different in color.


I was thinking the same thing. Do you know what volume she gets introduced?


To each other? One’s in shadow.

Next volume, actually. Number four. Navigation 32. So I guess we don’t need to get all the way to volume six before we post the volume six cover, but still…

Though, speaking of volume four and hairstyles on covers, what’s with Akira’s hair? What’s with Akira’s face? :stuck_out_tongue:


So what do we want to do about volume 4? Take another short break after volume 3 to give people a breather?


I’m good to go straight on.


When should we start volume 4?

  • Start immediately (February 16th)
  • Take a one week break (February 23rd)
  • Take a two week break (March 2nd)
  • Take a longer break (how long?)

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I am soooo behind on Aria :joy: but I don’t want to be the lone person holding the start date back, so whatever works best for everyone else.


Alright, poll is closed. We’re going to start volume four on March 2nd.


Just like everything else…


Yeah I know, but it is what it is. Since we’re already used to Aria, at least it’s not like we’re starting something new at the same time as everything else.


But then, what do we do during the break? :thinking:


Well, my plan is to read something in English (maybe Planetes) and read 放浪息子. :slight_smile:


Read volume 3 :sweat_smile:


We’re taking too many breaks guys. Now we won’t be done the series until 2020! Or looking at it from a different perspective: Hey guys, we get to keep reading Aria into 2020!


Don’t look at me, I voted to continue straight on. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure I can wait that long to watch the anime.


I guess at least wait until we start volume 4, because I think that’s when Belthazar said they introduce the last main character. But as much as I liked the anime, the manga is so much better. It might ruin part of the magic by watching it now.


Navigation 32.

I reckon you should watch the anime once we’re past that point. At least up to to the end of the Natural, or even the Arietta OAV - save Origination until we’ve finished. (Though, come to think of it, Animation episode 6 combines Navigation 32 and Navigation 39, so perhaps you’d want to wait until we finish volume four…)