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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 57: トラゲット


Start Date: October 12th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 56.5
Next Chapter: Chapter 58

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I really liked the characters in this chapter. I hope we’ll see them again. (I don’t expect that we will have another chapter ever showing 灯里 joining the トラゲット though)


Yeah a bunch of new characters for Akari to inspire.

Couldn’t help googling…


I’ve been looking forward to this chapter for a while - honestly think the anime version is one of my favourite episodes. Didn’t bring my book with me, though, so I’ll read it when I get home. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a specific point of going to ride this exact traghetto when I visited Venice, but tragically it was raining that day, so they weren’t running. Also, the water was so high the dock was practically submerged - it wasn’t quite an acqua alta, but it wasn’t far off either.

On the topic of theme naming from last week

The full name of the girl from Himeya is あゆみ・K・ジャスミン

Meanwhile, the Orange Planet girls are アトラ・モンテヴェルディ and 夢野 杏 - along with Alice Caroll, I’m fairly sure the theme here is writers of various types (Claudio Monteverdi was a composer, Yumeno Kyūsaku is the pen name of Showa-era writer Sugiyama Taidō, Caroll is, of course, Lewis Caroll). I don’t quite get how Athena Glory fits that pattern, though.


So I guess it’s part of the job description that anyone who works for Himeya uses a single letter initial for their middle name as part of their title ? :grin:


Not quite - there’s a character mentioned in one of the Monthly Undine magazines (which I’d quite like to read someday) who has two initials. Probably stole the second one from another character mentioned in the same magazine with none at all. President Hime’s middle initial, incidentally, is M. ヒメ・M・グランチェスタ.

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Apparently Anzu is the Akari of that group. :laughing:


We made it. :slight_smile:


So, finally reading time.

Page 207, forth panel, just how is that supposed to sound in real life? Akari’s putting on a series of funny voices? I checked the anime version, but she only says 私 the one time.

(Speaking of the anime, the Singles’ gathering scene shows characters wearing uniforms with green, cyan and purple highlights, which I’m pretty sure are never seen outside of this episode… that I can recall, at least. One wonders which companies those belong to.)

I confess I’m not completely sure what Akari learns from the experience that benefits her work at Aria Company…


It teaches her not to fail her test so she doesn’t end up in that position permanently? Though being Akari, she’d find enjoyment in it anyway.