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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 46: ゴンドラ


Start Date: July 27th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 45.5
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Well, that chapter was a bit of a trip down memory lane. Who was holding the camera in the ropeway station photo, though? :stuck_out_tongue:

I confess it bugs me a little bit that the chapter focuses on Akari’s feelings, even though it was Alicia’s first boat too, but I guess in some ways, Alicia has already said her farewells to it.

Akari’s finally got a gondola with a proper Venetian prow.

I’ve seen a squero. It was closed at the time, though.


Aw, I really liked this chapter. Watching the old gondola get airlifted away made me a bit emotional, after Akari’s little nighttime farewell moment. Bye old gondola…bye old friend :wave::cry:

Tbh I was also wondering this xD Knowing Akari, she probably just flagged down some random passerby on another gondola (and of course, they stopped, because Akari)


Oh, that did bring back a few memories!
I love the bottom of p199 where Aria社長 is holding Akari’s hand :heart_eyes_cat:
Also, I was pleased to see the old gondola with its new owner.


I almost forgot to read this, but I didn’t actually forget, so everything is fine.

I like the chapters with much interaction between the characters the most so this one didn’t have all that much for me, but still nice to see some old places again and the new owner of the boat at the end.


It was good to see it lives on.
There were some nice drawings in that chapter.