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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 48: 墓地の島


Start Date: August 10th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 47.5
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Cait Sith being like “Mmexcuse me, I called dibs on the soul of this mortal”


Hoorah for more 摩訶不思議ness!!

Also, I loved the artwork on the title page.


How ironic that Aria catches a cold immediately after the annual checkup. :stuck_out_tongue:


Akari’s gotta stop using the “customers are forbidden but friends are ok” line. It’s flimsy.

Page 278, suddenly Akari’s oar is numbered 4. Have Aria Company always had that many oars? Or is it a death pun/clue?

Biggest proof that the story is fake: that it gets passed down despite only ever happening when there are no witnesses. Yet somehow, when Akari is involved, all urban legends are true. :slightly_smiling_face:

We passed by San Michele on the way to Murano when we visited Venice, but we didn’t stop there.


pg 290 really makes me want a Cait Sith hug xD His little feet paws :hugs: Never before has he looked so snuggly.

The artwork on the graveyard at the top of pg 284-285 is also really cool. I forgot how much I love the mysterious scenery artwork in chapters like this.


Akari must either be really special or lucky/unlucky for all the weird stuff to happen to her(and to have protection from Caith Sith, apparently!). I totally wouldn’t mind if there were a bunch more chapters that expanded on all the supernatural stuff like this. I’m guessing I won’t get that since it doesn’t seem to be the main focus though… but at least I’ll hope for a few more, since there already have been a few. These chapters kind of makes me wish for a manga entirely focused on adventures featuring supernatural cats in the vein of the more mysterious Aria chapters


This was a really fun chapter. Like everyone else I really like the supernatural chapters. I think it was kinda obvious what would happen (including Cait Sith showing up to save the day), but that didn’t make it any less awesome.

Can I also just add that it’s pretty cool that we’re back up to seven readers! :tada:


All we need now is @Radish8 to come and join us!


頑張って @Radish8!


I just speed-read another chapter in my lunch break :sob: I’m trying


Yay! More cat magic!

The appearance of Cait Sith made me giggle with surprise actually.
It usually goes so long between appearances that I kind of forget about that character and the it’s like, oh yeah, of course!