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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 58: エピファニア


Start Date: October 19th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 57
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That was a cute chapter.

I love seeing Athena acting confident!


Aww, this chapter made me smile so much :blush: I love that they did something so pretty and magical for Alice. シャボンの国へようこそ! :smile: Another lovely Athena-Alice moment, proving once again why they are my favorite senpai-kouhai pair :heart: Plus, watching Akari and Aika frolic around in those animal heads was really amusing xD


Athena is weirdly diligent about the strangest things. She’s, like… the motheringness of Alicia and the airheadedness of Akari stuck together :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know how widespread the custom is in Italy these days but I learned something new from that chapter. Having not heard of the witch of Befana being celebrated during Epiphany before.
Also, it was cute to see Aria with reindeer horns. :slight_smile:


Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I came across references to Befana when I was researching bonfires in Venice a few chapters ago (the results of my research were that bonfires on Epiphany are common, but not in Venice).


Oh, how gorgeous are they to create that piece of magic for Alice? :two_hearts:
Having said that… There are so many 摩訶不思議な things I want to believe in this book, but somehow bubbles with candles in them is not one of them! Every time I saw them I thought - HOW did they get lit candles inside those bubbles? :laughing:


Ok, read the chapter.

I can’t entirely say that I don’t empathise with Alice at the start of the chapter, though I’m not sure I’d quite go so far as putting the coal-shaped sweets in my own stocking.

I notice that while she was offscreen between page 263 and 271, Athena Befana changed her mask, from a domino mask to a half-face Phantom of the Opera mask. And picked up an absurd pair of shoes.

The location of Bubble Land is the Scala Contarini del Bovolo. I made a point of visiting this place on my trip to Venice, but sadly it was closed for refurbishment. Had to take my photos from the campo.

It’s also quite easily visible from the top of the San Marco Campanile (but then, what isn’t?)

(Though, weird thing: Wikipedia says it was closed from August 2015, but I was there in March. It reopened February 2016, in any case.)