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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 59: 春夏秋冬


Start Date: October 26th
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Not a hugely eventful chapter but lots of onomatopoeia words.

Here’s a list I compiled:

ほかほか / ぽかぽか pleasantly warm; nice and warm
ギラギラ glaringly; dazzlingly; blazingly
さやさや soft, light rustling (e.g. leaves in the wind)
うまうま (yummy) food (Children’s language)
さむさむ presumably 寒い (not found in jisho)
ぬくぬく snugly; cosily; warmly; comfortably

I couldn’t find a reference to the Aria related words with ぽよぽよ though, so just went with the flow on those ones.


Well that chapter was basically pointless. Hopefully the next two are more interesting.


Ah, you just don’t understand how amazing it is that Japa… uh, I mean, Neo-Venezia is the only country in the world with four seasons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, I was amused by the chapter title’s furigana. And it’s a bit momentous in that I’m pretty sure it’s the first time we’ve seen Akari not wearing the cape on her uniform. What on Earth happened to her eyes on 289, though?

Isn’t that the sound effect they use to describe his stomach in other chapters?