Aria the Masterpiece: Chapter 16 Discussion


You are not dumb! I just found this page which shows it exists if not common.旅出

In semi-related news, I am currently sitting in Gimpo Airport. もうすぐ日本へ旅立ちます.
Definitely not dying :joy: except maybe of boredom because my friend was so paranoid about me getting stuck in Seoul traffic that she put me on a bus way earlier than necessary.

Aaaaand I just burned the word 旅 after writing this post. :joy::joy: I love these little coincidences.


Mhmm, that’s what I mean - the primary meaning is “to set off”, “to depart”, “to embark”, etc., but it has a double meaning of “to depart this life” D:

But I like the tie-in with 旅出って perhaps being an intentional way of clarifying!


I seem to have ended up finishing the chapter later than everyone else(that isn’t behind, at least) this week, but I’m guessing that has something to do with how I was sick for most of the week and only actually read anything today.

Since pretty much all of my thoughts about this chapter have been stated by someone else already, I’ll just… mention them briefly anyway: アリア社長 has a cute hat, or maybe it’s just seeing アリア社長 with a different hat from what I’m used to that makes it cute. Also, what’s up with Alicia’s eyes on the bottom of page 225?


No no, it is objectively cute :grin:

sorry to hear you weren’t well - hope you’re feeling a bit better <3


Next chapter is here. This discussion thread is for both chapter 17 and the Special Navigation (since it’s only 6 pages long). In other news, I still haven’t read chapters 15 or 16, but I did finish Non Non Biyori and ご注文はうさぎですか volume 2, so I should have more time to catch up soon!


Hooray! Hope you’re able to catch up soon ^^ and thanks for creating all the threads for us every week :blush:


I’m literally just starting the chapter, and I noticed the use of 曇る in 窓が曇って真っ白. It still amazes me how many times English and Japanese have similar figurative language (not sure if that’s the best way to explain it), since you can also say a window is cloudy in English.

Also, Aria with that window on page 197! :laughing:

Aria’s hat on page 208 is so cute. :blush:


Yes, I absolutely find this too! So often an expression is similar to one in English, and it can be quite surprising when it’s pretty abstract, or when the verb choice is exactly the same and so on.


So, in case people were wondering, Manhome 雪虫 look like this.

Have now read the chapter. At the start of the chapter, Akari is back in her summer pajamas, and she comments that she needs to go buy winter pajamas. What’s she been wearing for the last three chapters? I mean, we even commented on the cat ears.

Aye, I do quite enjoy the little omake pages. It’s a shame the Masterpiece edition omits them. Guess they’re not masterful enough?

I can neither confirm nor deny, but I do know that sound effects in Japanese with similar sounds tend to have similar feels, so I’d be willing to put my money on this statement being correct.

Pretty sure those uniforms are made from the same material as Jamie Hyneman’s shirt.

Firewood springs fully-formed out of the ground, don’cha know?

Uh, no, that’s A, A and A. A and A are somewhere else altogether, and A doesn’t even get introduced for a while yet.


Done the chapter now! リボン付けた雪虫がとってもかわいい!

Yes, I thought so as well…

Didn’t notice that at all!

Was gonna respond to this, saying “That could literally be any three characters in the manga!”, but @Belthazar’s version was better. :joy: