All sect names, new

@rfindley, could you make another one of these, pretty please? :grin:

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Sect names are more or less defunct now, since you can set your own ‘Title’ in the user preferences.

My script was for the old forums, and the sect names just happened to be included in the data I was already gathering.
I haven’t gathered any info from the new forums.

If you want to try it yourself, the easiest way to gather user info on the new forums is by looking at the Basic Badge. That includes absolutely everyone that has visited the forums.

From there, just plug usernames into<username>

if you want the person’s ‘official’ sect name, or<username>.json?stats=false

if you want the ‘Title’ from the forums (which defaults to the person’s old Sect name).

Oh, I did not know this :confused:. Thanks though!
I wonder why they would weaken the feature.

There is still a limit to what I can choose as a title. And, “i am really level 59” isn’t even there.

40 AM

Still, there may be people to choose to be “durtle loyalist” rather than “”. Afaik, there are “High Touch” and “durtle loyalist” which there is a give-away, many people have it.

Also, “Regular”, if your member status is Regular. I don’t know if you can lose it, though.

Ahh, I didn’t realize the choices were limited.

I have zero choices


Yea… Its not worth changing my name to some generic title if it means I lose my sect name.


What is durtle loyalist anyway?

Those of us who picked turtle in this poll got the badge durtle loyalist

We get a title and a badge. The badge you can see on my user card, it’s fantastic.

Y-you’re fantastic!

That is fabulous!

That’s because all turtles must burn.

Why don’t you guys understand that?


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