Clicking Titles in the new forum


It seems that people with sect names (or ‘titles’ if that’s what we call them now) now link to a ‘group’ of people in the same level and payment plan.

If both aren’t the same as what you have, access is denied.

What is this? Why is it such an obscure link? I can only see fellow lifetime level 31s and I assume unless they click my “ミーム” or click someone else’s title and rewrite the url after they get the ‘access denied’ thing, they could only see theirs as well.

I’m frightened and confused!

EDIT: I also couldn’t find anywhere else that links to this ‘group’ thing so it is particularly odd.


Frightened and confused? :sweat_smile:

The reason for this is that Viet & Co. have decided to implement sect titles, levels, and payment status as Discourse “groups”. Groups weren’t really meant for this use case, so there are a few idiosyncrasies that come with the decision.

I wonder if Discourse has an extension architecture. That’d probably make for a better solution for WaniKani integration!


Fun to go in there and see all the level 22 lifetimers that quit years ago :dizzy_face:


well if it was sect title group that would be super lonely!, I’m pretty sure that, like most custom sect names, I am the only ミーム. And I know I am the only Level 31 Lifetime ミーム. :smiley:


Oh, no, the sect name isn’t the group - it’s the title (I think that’s the terminology Discourse uses, at least). The title, however, also links to the group. Which is a combination of membership groups and levels. That’s a whole lot of groups that need to be generated! :rofl:


I see they quietly fixed it to make me look stupid! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh… I can’t click them anymore… is that what you mean by “fixed”???