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Help me pick the Kanji of the Year for 1859? Please? I really need your help. This is important.

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All sect names, new

I’m definitely a 亀 guy. 鰐 and 蟹 are all fine and good, but ワニ and カニ somehow suffice. With 亀, however… there’s a certain air that only 亀 can convey, which カメ cannot. And what if you want to write 亀甲? You gotta bust out the kanji for that one. In short, 亀 is more useful. I’m a 亀 guy.



I completely agree.

So wise.


what’s up with all the turtle loyalists here


We were all turtles once


So true! Also we burn them, right? You’ve gotta show respect, pay it back a bit.


You guys can keep the turtles. I’ve started my own litter of puppies.


Turtle. But maybe for a different reason. 1859 was the year Charles Darwin first published his ‘On the Origin of Species’. And 2006 was the year a certain turtle named Harriet died, a turtle allegedly collected in 1830 by Charles Darwin on the Galàpagos islands…

Edit: Also, Turtles will start a revolution. They do not want to be burned.


Kinda make me want to write a traditional turtle.

It is more beautiful than 蟹鰐.


Nothing is more beautiful than 蟹鰐.


蟹 = best vehicle for mayonnaise


Are you eating our overlord?


I picked 蟹, because of awesome NPC I met during my L5R game.

And I think it’s like a third post in a row, when I mention L5R, do you see me as a creepy nerd now?


亀 because you never forget your roots


I went with ワニ cause I am afraid of them and uh… always vote for what you fear?

Anyway it also led me to find this which I didn’t know was a thing!


Please don’t bring American politics into this :grin:


Once a turtle, always a turtle.


Edit: nevermind I can’t read kanji


Sorry. But my master will always be:



(Oh, if only the boards knew how much was contained in those fewer-than-ten characters, that I were allowed to post them as such.)