Visually similar kanji add

Hello guys, sometimes i find kanji that are very similar and confuse them, the visually similar kanji function saves me a lot, it totally works for me having the similar kanji there and look well on the differences, since it’s something i find very useful i would like to improve it… There are many times that i confuse some Kanji i find similar but they are not similar for wanikani. I was wondering if it’s possible to implement the possibility to manually add kanji to the visually similar kanji list of a kanji, i would find it so wonderful…

One thing you can do before this gets implemented (or in case it doesnn’t at all), is install the font randomizer script, which will make kanji appear in all different sorts of fonts and force you to memorize the structure of the kanji in more detail.

It might be more effective to make this comment in the Visually Similar Kanji userscript thread

You can already edit the kanji list in my script (add/remove), and the list of similar kanji is auto-generated, so there are already more kanji included from the start. Added bonus, you can view them during lessons and reviews as well.


In addition to the WK script above, you can also check this: Introducing Niai: Lookup similar Kanjis, Homonyms, Synonyms

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