Feature Request: Enhance 'visually similar kanji' section

The visually similar kanji section is very helpful. E.g. WaniKani / Kanji / 薄

However, the section does not include the kanji itself. If I want to compare the kanji on the page with the visually similar kanji I have to either scroll back and forth or have two tabs open.

My request:
For kanji that have at least one visually similar kanji, it would be helpful if the kanji on the page was placed next to the list of visually similar kanji.


This is a minor modification that would greatly enhance the function. Support!


This is how I see that page:

So you can get it through this script. And added bonus of reading on similar ones! =D
Ok, so this one wasn’t a good example since the others didn’t have the same reading.

This one show better:

In case you wonder about “Clear Up” and “Peaceful”, they DO have せい as on’yomi, but WaniKani uses their kun’yomi as main reading on those two.

Here is the script if you want to try it out: [Userscript] Keisei 形声 Semantic-Phonetic Composition


Would also be helpful if they could actually include the kanji that are visually similar instead of just a select few.

Don’t know where they got their data, but the visually similar kanji userscript (which I don’t think is supported anymore, unfortunately) was a thousand times better than WK’s own version.


You are rather interested in this (Keisei is great as well, anyway) :wink:

Contains the old “similar kanji” script kanji and lots more, you can also edit the list to add or remove kanji.


Would also like to see this built in! Mostly use WK from my iPad so scripts aren’t an option. I often find myself looking this up manually if I need a reminder of minor differences.


I already gave this idea to Kristen and she said she would pass on to Koichi and Viet. Not sure if they’ll go for it though.


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