1.5 Year Later And 3300+ Reviews

Hey, it’s been a while. I stopped using WK in early 2020(so around one year and half ago) and now I have like 3300 reviews to do(I abused the ignore script after level 45) and around 1500 lessons.

I was tired of SRS so I took a huge break and I started working on a new business at some point(game development) so I only did some Japanese here and there.

Now I am trying to get back into my Japanese studies and I wanted to check WK again. I don’t know if I will power through all the reviews yet but it’ll be fun to remember all the SRS pain once again.

Good luck to those who are in a similar situation, just wanted to create a topic because I am rusty. By the way, if anyone has some advice feel free to share it, I forgot a good amount of things(for example I am reinstalling some scripts again).


Good luck! If you want to, you should keep us updated, I’d love to see your progress.

With the amount of reviews you have, have you thought of using a reorder script to make sure it prioritizes your most recent entries? It’ll probably help you progress quicker as finished reviews don’t stay so long in the queue when they come back, which would ruin the srs I believe

If you are already level 60 years ago. I think you could do something better and cooler than using WaniKani, regarding to Japanese learning, no?

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NO… no no no … I - don’t - think - so…no no no

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If you power through all these, they’ll come back all together after some time, and you’ll need to repeat the powering through periodically from now on. It’s not just a one-time thing.
Just sayin’


Yes, of course. I have played many JRPGs, watched YouTube videos, etc…but I want to do a bit of SRS once again.

I noticed my retention with consuming native material wasn’t as good as using SRS(but it’s more fun of course). Another thing is I have no problem reading Kanji at N2 level but the Kanji above that was a bit more difficult(because I kind of skipped them on WK).

So I am trying to see if I can use WK again because I don’t have the same burnout and I have a bit of time this month. I tried Anki multiple times but I eventually gave up(best SRS no doubt but making cards takes a lot of time).

@bakugames I am interested in this. With the re-order script I can add new lessons and they will be covered first I do the reviews? I kind of forgot how it works plus I only found the old version of the script. I tried one that’s similar “Wanikani prioritize overdue reviews” but I don’t know if it does the same job.

Also where is your level icon lol?

@KGalaj Yeah it’ll be a nightmare but I don’t want to reset because it’s a mess between new reviews and old reviews that are almost burned. Or maybe I should…I need to check how it works first.

PS: Can anyone remind what was the website where you can check your stats? The one where you have the graph that shows how much time you took to go through a level.


Welcome back. Happy to see you came back even though you wrote you won’t.

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Indeed, but I got hit with reality. I realized there are many N1 Kanji that I don’t know/remember and it would take me forever to just get those with native material. It’s so much easier to memorize 100% a word you have seen at least a couple of times in an SRS.

Or maybe I am a masochist who wants to enjoy SRS again :smiley:


Well, I wish you the best of luck in clearing that 3000+ review pile. If I see that in my review pile I would quit WK ASAP lol. I’m just too weak.

Given that you abused the reorder script from level 45 onwards, I’d be tempted to look at where your existing burns are and reset your level back some. Powering through reviews now means that it’ll come back at you later in huge blocks.

You can use the reorder script but the problem with it is that if you specify some kind of priority then you know what that priority is and it gives you a clue during reviews.

I wrote a lock script which lets you lock the oldest reviews (regardless of level, SRS state, etc.) so that you can lock a certain amount away and not get a mental clue to what level the remaining items are, etc.

https://www.wkstats.com/ is one of the sites to check your performance. https://statkani.vercel.app/ can also be used now to look at level completion times and an overview of where your burns are.


Yeah I think at this point it’ll be almost suicide to go through the reviews(unless I make it a full time job haha).

I think I will reset to level 40 that way I go through all the last Kanji without having a tremendous amount of reviews.

Just two questions:

  1. I need to send an email to WK to reset right?
  2. What happens to the reviews/lessons pre-level 40 that aren’t burned yet?

@Pizh LMAO. I am a crazy guy who is always ready for tough challenges but I would be stupid to continue here.


Re. numbered questions:

  1. No, these days you can do it all from the comfort of your friendly danger zone.
  2. Reviews and lessons pre-level 40 will remain active.

Welcome back! If you’re looking for scripts you can also always check

Ok thanks. I have 2000 reviews at level 40 haha.

@rwesterhof I didn’t know we had a huge list like this, thanks!

Since you reset, not sure if you need me to explain the rest, but now there’s an option to hide your level icon in the settings! I like it because I want my icon to show completely.

Feel free to share anything you want. But yes I did reset far down because it was the only way to reach a reasonable point plus it’s been a while since I practiced Japanese consistently. Let’s see how it goes now(still have 600 reviews even at level 30 lol).

Honestly, 600 isn’t a bad number. Pretty scary, but once you get into a routine, you can get 500-1000 review piles cleared by a week or two. I can share my thread where I tackled a 1k review pile if you’re interested.

How did you get that N5 to N1 bar there?

Go ahead. In the past I would destroy 600 reviews but now it’s different haha. Also, someone doesn’t want me to get back to SRS because I keep getting this error.


@JustMian Honestly, I don’t know. I just installed a bunch of scripts that seemed cool.

It’s probably one of these:

Killing a 1k review pile [0 reviews! I did it!] here ya go! Maybe it’ll help you out somewhat?

I also recommend using the self study quiz to review failed items as soon as you fail them. Get reinforcement early so that you won’t have to deal with unnecessary leeches that come from seeing a lot of things at once, and the following cascade