Return to WaniKani


I just got back to wanikani after 2 years or so.
I have over 200 reviews and Im not making much of a dent each day.

What should i do? Suprisingly some burned kanji are still there in my head after all this time. I just shouldnt do anymore lessons until the reviews are down lower right? I definitely dont want to reset levels but maybe I have to.

Any advice for a returning learner?


You should definitely wait with getting new lessons until you have your reviews back to zero.

I’d recommend to just do 10 or so reviews whenever you have a few minutes to spare. When you’re waiting in a line, when you’re in an elevator, during cooking, during loading screens, etc. Instead of taking a block of time for it and do a bunch, you can easily just squeeze in one or two reviews during times when you’re not doing anything else. Don’t be afraid of getting things wrong, the SRS will take care of this. It’s not a test, it’s a learning track.

Also, be aware that this is not a race. Just take your time, and I’m sure that within a week you will be on top of your reviews again.

Good luck! :blush:


Since you’re only level 3 I’d recommend just resetting back to level 1. It would only take a week or two to get back to level 3, and learning the lessons fresh could help.



And the community in here is awesome. We’ll make sure to help you get back to level 3 and beyond :grin:


Thanks for the advice lads. Ill see how it goes now.


That’s pretty common when you get higher :cry:


I did 180 reviews last night at 1 am…I usually do at least 150 reviews a day when I’m not slacking. I don’t know about anyone else? I split it into 3 parts if my attention span is too bad. 50 usually takes me 30 minutes or less, depending on how much I get distracted. If I don’t know it after 30 seconds I fail it. If not it will take too long to get through them.


In the end I got down from 200+ to 100. Sat down and made myself get to 100 to see how long it’d take and it took an 1hr 30m on and off. So I wont reset, I can do this. Just the large number was overwhelming to come back to. Thanks everyone!


Sometimes, seeing a large number of reviews may seem overwhelming and discouraging, but I always try to see the bigger goal ahead of me, to reach level 60, and I never let it get me down. The most I got so far was about 220, but managed to do all of them in one sitting. That rewarding feeling of seeing the reviews number back at 0 again is totally worth the effort, though :wink: