Killing a 1k review pile [0 reviews! I did it!]

Lol (Reviews were actually at the 1k mark. Should have screenshotted at that time.)

Right now I’m just doing reviews and not really caring if I get things wrong. It has been a couple of months. I’m actually surprised at how much I still remember. I burned 27 items this review round.
I plan on doing around 50 reviews per day, just so I don’t get too many coming back.

Not really interested in resetting, but if you guys think it’s the best idea, LMK. At most, I’d prefer just jumping down one or two levels if I have to try again, though.

The reason I left is simply that life got too busy. I had work and commissions and projects to work on, and I’m not the best at self-study. However I’ve recently been studying to get into a Japanese course, and I want to brush off some stuff in case I get in. The study unfortunately isn’t related to Japanese (it’s Portuguese grammar + Brazilian and my state’s history) so I don’t think I can share much about it here LOL.


Any questions you have about Portuguese grammar, hit me (about history, I’ll have to brush up on it hehe :sweat_smile:)

Good luck with that review pile!

Thankfully, it’s all the easy stuff (Subjetivo, adjetivos, verbos, numeral etc). History is a bit beefy but I was always good at it so I’m not too worried

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I think you’re much better off if you can tackle the pile without resetting. If need be, try to figure out the absolute minimum number of levels to drop.
But you sound as if you’re going strong so far, so good luck! :muscle:


I was in a similar position to you, and did the same thing (not resetting, not caring if I get them wrong, just chipping away at the reviews). It worked fine for me, and I’m still doing well :notes:

頑張れ!You got this!


Welcome back!!!

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Got some more done, kicked a bunch of words back into guru, but actually got some burns and enlighteneds which is pretty cool.

Is 50 a day a good number? Don’t want to have a bunch of words bounce back, but I wonder if I could kick it up a notch


I recently came back from a break too and had about 750 reviews to do! I just now hit level 10 so got 89 lessons to do! (52 Vocab!!! 22 Kanji and 15 Radicals)

Good luck with catching up :smiley: (sometimes I like to do a review session and then put on vacation mode til im ready to do the next…hehe)

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Huh, this review section seems to have been pretty lucky with the easy burns, I even got a 51%

My current batch. I may do more once I finish my exam study, but my mind gets pretty foggy after that so I’m unsure

Some more finished. Still kept a 51% accuracy rate which is wild as hell, but that includes words that are dropping

I have 20 more reviews coming, but 19 are burns, so more stuff off my plate if I managed to get it right.
If I’m able to keep this pace, I should hit the 100-200 review camp soon. My number of apprentices isn’t actually that bad yet (58), and I’m actually remembering things once I get them wrong, so I may bump some words back into guru!

In the future, before I tackle more lessons, because of the number of reviews I’m doing, I’ll try to hit apprentices close to 0 and guru 100 or less, just so I can make sure i kicked out most of those words I forgot back into high gear


Seems like the 50% is a constant with these reviews. Not complaining, just means I’m getting half of the things out of the way/closer

This was my first review of the day, so I had to get it back to the 700s since it shot up back to 820. Going to study some geography and then I’ll come back and do 60 more reviews.

It’s actually easy to do a bunch of reviews because half of the time, I just don’t know what something is and just skip it, so it goes by really fast. 60 reviews are closer to 30 reviews in time spent right now.

Gonna reply to replies I forgot to

Thanks! Right now, it has been easier than expected. Maybe it’s because I don’t really care if I get things wrong, so I’m basically just getting burns and things I know out of the way lol.
Right now, I can probably keep up without resetting, though I might need to do some bishbashbosh once only the leeches remain on the review pile.

Thank you! I’m letting the srs keep going since most things dropping are leeches I’ll clean later once I get the rest cleaned, or items to burn.

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Hit the 600s!


Did two separate sessions so I didn’t screenshot my results but I got 50%~ on both, which I guess is how this will go. I wonder when I should start using bishbashbosh and proper reviewing instead of just letting the srs work.

My exam study went less well but that’s how it is X_X. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to cover the topics I needed to (fuck Portuguese verbs)

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First review:


A 60% accuracy is super wild. That’s a big jump. I think its because I’m starting to remember the things I forgot more often than still forgetting

Second review:


I hit the 500s! I’m almost halfway done. I’ll do a couple of extras since I’ll be getting +11 items later today, but I’m super proud of my progress.

58% is also really close to 60%, so I wonder if ~60% is the new average. I’ll be really happy if it is, that means more than half of the items work on are getting done!

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I’m not the only one with a big review pile!

I came back to Wanikani in June after not having used it at all since August 2020 and had 1300 reviews to take care of. I’m finally around 370 right now, although I’ve had to really whittle the number down. I’m impressed you made much more progress in a few days than I did though.

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Haha, thank you! I’m surprised at how many reviews I can take on too. I think separating it into 2 smaller batches and just letting things I don’t remember go are what’s helping me. I don’t hang on trying to remember something, I just let it fail and move on, so I don’t spend a lot of time mulling over it.

The two batches I do also have different motivations. On the first one, I’m cleaning apprentices that came back because I failed them + cleaning new burns that come. I then take a big break, from 3 to 5 hours, and do the second one, which is tackling items that weren’t touched yet. This makes so I don’t get tired, since the first review is often a pretty easy one with a bunch of burns and just either skipping the apprentice lower (which I don’t mind), or remembering and having an easy time in general, and I get a bunch of time to let my brain rest from it.

Hope this makes sense? I’m not the best at explaining how my approach works haha.

50%-60% review sessions are tough to stomach. I know those feels. Keep Grinding. That accuracy will climb back up.

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I’m actually quite happy with the 50-60% reviews! Mostly because I expected to hit lows like 10-30% for the most part lol.

I’ll probably focus on getting better accuracy beyond letting the srs work by doing bishbashbosh once I’m in the 100s reviews, since those will probably be composed of mostly apprentices that I still wasn’t able to guru aka leeches


As always, the first review of the day means cleaning up and going back to the 500s, since the number rose back to the 600s. Did it later than usual because I was tired today zzzzz

Accuracy dropped to 53%, but it’s still more than half, so I’m satisfied.

I decided to change my plans a bit and I’m using bishbashbosh right now. I realized that the number of wrong items I get isn’t that big, so I can do a quick bbb review right after without feeling too tired. I won’t make it obligatory though, just in case I don’t feel up to it. It’ll be obligatory when I reach the 200s (which should be Saturday if I keep my rhythm! Super exciting.

See you guys in 3 hours for the second review

Second review!

Worse than average, but I don’t mind, I left the 500 review mark! This means I’m officially more than halfway there (ooooh, living on a prayer)


Today was an overall meh day for review results, but that’s bound to happen, so I’m not really bothered with it. Just going to head to bishbashbosh and review the things I got wrong

You legit inspired me to try and plow through these more seriously, and now I’m almost at zero reviews for the first time in forever. I only have some 150 to go.

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