老女的少女ひなたちゃん・Little Granny Girl Hinata-chan 👩‍👧 ー Started March 9th (Absolute Beginner Book Club)

Welcome to the 老女的少女ひなたちゃん・Little Granny Girl Hinata-chan Book Club!

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This is the main thread for reading the manga along with the Absolute Beginner Book Club here on the forums. If you have a bit of experience with Japanese, but you are still easing into reading, then this would be a good place to start! If you have questions about whether or not you think you’re ready, feel free to ask them here, or in the ABBC main thread, but also please check out @ChristopherFritz’s guide for joining the Absolute beginner book club.


With a taste for the finer things in life, a mind chock full of knowledge and a solution for every problem, Hinata isn’t your average kindergartener. She has a secret. Hinata is actually an 88-year-old grandma, reborn into the body of a little girl with all her memories intact! She loves pickled vegetables and enjoying a nice cup of tea on the veranda while disciplining her peers with her authoritative, old-fashioned dialect. Why has she been reborn?! Find out in this cute, nostalgic comedy filled with grandma-wisdom!

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Week # Date Chapter Page #s Pages with Text
1 March 9th 1 pt 1 3-9 6
2 March 16th 1 pt 2 10-15 6
3 March 23rd 1 pt 3 16-22 8
4 March 30th 2 pt 1 23-31 9
5 April 6th 2 pt 2 32-40 9
6 April 13th 3 pt 1 41-49 9
7 April 20th 3 pt 2 50-60 9
8 April 27th 4 61-78 17
9 May 4th 5 79-94 16
10 May 11th 6 95-112 17
11 May 18th 7 113-132 16
12 May 25th 8 133-150 17
13 June 1st 9 + bonus 151-174 21


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Proper Nouns

Name Reading Image Notes
日向 ひなた image Main character
文夏 もか image Hinata’s classmate (Note, you’ll often see her name written as モカ)
千春 ちはる image Hinata’s classmate

Other characters may be added later


Just one note on Hinata’s dialogue. She’ll often end her sentences with っぺ or ぺ。This is supposed to be like an old person dialect thing, but one made up just for this book.


Will you be reading with us?
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I fell off the book club and most other Japanese-learning activities when we around halfway through horimiya due to Various Life Events but I’m back to my normal rhythm now and look forward to joining in again with this book :slight_smile:


Same here! Welcome back. I’m excited to read along with the group as well.


For me it will be my first book that I read with others (more than just a few pages). I thought about joining the ABBC here already a few times already but I never felt like I had time for it (even tough I probably just didn’t take the time). I don’t think that this changed a lot, but I still want to try and see :smiling_face: and also the manga sounds so cute, so I’m definitely looking forward to it!


Welcome! There’s a whole thread with tips for first timers, but two quick things to help:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! People on the weekly threads will be willing to help you out.
  2. Don’t feel you have to understand every sentence completely and all the grammatical reasons why it is the way it is (unless you want to).

Hi, thanks for the tip! I read the thread already and I think I will do fine (at least I hope so - I cannot really tell my level as I never learned with genki nor bothered about the JLPT levels too much). I also looked at some old threads where you talked about the books and I saw how helpful you all are. I guess I’m in good hands here :yum:


So excited for this challenge! I just ordered the manga.


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up, but I’ll be joining! It seems so cute, that I can’t just not try to read it with y’all :grin:


Cool! I’ll just post a note of encouragement I made from another thread. Frustration is inevitable–giving up isn’t!


Hi everyone. I will be joining the book club for the first time and am very excited to read along with all of you!

Also – thanks for sharing for the first timers tips. Will give those a read before we start.


Thank you so much for the encouragement! :blush:
Luckily, I’m a pretty consistent person now, and I learned to manage my frustration pretty well!
That being said :eyes: :eyes:, if I struggle with the reading, and can’t find the grammar I need, I’ll be spamming the forum until someone explains to me the thing I don’t understand :joy: :rofl:
(Shouldn’t be happening often though, I usually just ask people I know)


This will be my very first book club!!
Looking forward to it.


@araigoshi, if you’d like, I can generate a prepopulated spreadsheet as I’ve done for some prior ABBC picks.


Sure, that would be very useful. I’d seen you’d linked your tools in another thread, so it was on my to-do list to try set them up and run them, but realistically that would have been late next week at the earliest.


Minor page number issue here; should be 41 for the start of chapter 3 / week six.

The spreadsheet is now available:

The following is still pending as I’m waiting to see if there will be any schedule changes. If the schedule is set, then I can complete these.

  1. Remove duplicate entries per week.
  2. Split weeks into tabs.

First timer here. Looking forward to reading along with everyone. :partying_face:


Fixed the page number issues.

I don’t think the schedule is going to change at this point, in the ABBC main thread there were some strong opinions against a longer schedule, but not much of a push for a shorter schedule.


The spreadsheet should be good to go now.


I usually order from Manga Republic, if it can be added to list of physical shops. The cost appears high compared to the retail yen price, but their shipping is free . So, may ultimately pay less if you are ordering a single book or a few things. They have used copies as well (USED) Manga Old woman basis little girl Hinata-chan (Obaachan Shoujo Hinata-chan) vol.1 (老女的少女ひなたちゃん 1 (ゼノンコミックス)) / Kuwayoshi Asa | Buy Japanese Manga


Hi everyone,

Here is a quick update in regards to live readings for 老女的少女ひなたちゃん・Little Granny Girl Hinata-chan: Read Aloud Group for the Absolute Beginners Book Club - #12 by KanjiDenji7. Please check this post if you are interested.