老女的少女ひなたちゃん・Little Granny Girl Hinata-chan 👩‍👧 — Week 13 (Absolute Beginners Book Club) — FINAL

Welcome to the thirteenth and final week of the Little Granny Girl Hinata Chan book club!

Week 13 1st June 2024
End page 173 (end of book)
Pages 23
Last Week Week 12
Next week Intermission before next club
More Hinata Offshoot volume 2
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Proper Nouns

Name Reading Image Notes
日向 ひなた image Main character
三芳 とよ みよし とよ image Hinata’s past self
文夏 もか image Hinata’s friend and classmate (Note, you’ll often see her name written as モカ)
千春 ちはる image Hinata’s friend and classmate
咲夜 さくや image Aloof classmate
冬馬 とうま image Rowdy classmate, leader of the boys
遥登 はると image Hinata’s older brother
サダヲ Toyo (past Hinata)'s grandson

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  5. (bonus pages) What do you think of Hinata’s brother after the flashback?

Dialect Guide

Hinata speaks with a little bit of a Fukushima dialect at times. You’ll see this with ぺ or っぺ replacing the ends of sentences, so e.g. だっぺ instead of だよ or だった。Unfortunately it’s not always the same replacement.


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Based on the poll in the home thread last week, the verdict on an offshoot book club was a resounding… “ehhh”, so I won’t be running one. That said, if you do decide to read the future volumes and want to discuss them, feel free to post in the home thread. If you do that, make sure you hide any spoilers and indicate which volume they’re from.

Overall, I hope everyone enjoyed this book club, and if it was your first book, that the experience helped encourage you to read more in the future.

If you would like to continue reading with the ABBC, there will be a one week intermission (also useful if this slightly longer week proves difficult!) and then the club will start again for the next book that was voted on, Tamamo no Koi


Thanks for running the club! I finished last week. This was a pretty cute pick, I wonder how our beginners reading along fared?


I also finished last week, I couldn’t help myself :sweat_smile:
I expected to have troubles with the dialect, but found it fairly accessible instead. Overall enjoyed a lot more than expected too! I might pick this series back up eventually :grin:

Thanks to @araigoshi for running the club :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:


For the たーまや thing on page 164, Hinata sort of explains, but to add a bit more, supposedly there used to be a huge rivalry between the 玉屋 and 鍵屋 schools of firework-making, and the supporters of each side would shout the respective names while the fireworks were going off. Over time, it just became a thing that you should while viewing fireworks.

Page 161, I genuinely cannot tell what Toma burns himself on. Sure, they’re (unwisely) having a toussle, but Chiharu’s sparkler is pointed away, and Toma’s isn’t lit, so what exactly happens?

Page 172, I love how they’re continuing the “read it in a book” running joke, but newborn Hinata is clearly not reading books. :stuck_out_tongue:


I assume while he was messing around, he burned himself on the hot part that had gone out. (I remember when I was a kid they had some graphic ads of burns happening that way. Scarred me for life. I’m scared of sparklers.)


As posted in the main thread, I’m planning to read volume 2. I’ll run an offshoot club if at least 2 others are interested :grinning:


I’m interested :raised_hand:


So you were the only person who voted yes to an offshoot I think?

Is there anyone else keen? TBH @WeepingWeeb if you’re keen, maybe I’ll just set up a thread and see if anyone else joins?

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If you do decide to start one, give me a ping and I’ll make sure it’s linked from the home thread OP etc.

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Sounds good to me, there were a lot of maybes, maybe they’ll be swayed :slight_smile:

Fave pics



pg. 165

was Sakuya saying that its easy to get tired when you’re old? I can’t remember if we found out Sakuya was reincarnated too and that’s how she recognised it in Hinata.

pg. 167

I thought Sakuya was the one having this memory and turns out she was the grandson all along just because of how her face was more in the panel, but I assume that’s just her reacting to Hinata crying as she remembers

Extra bit

The extra few pages was funny, also paper cranes are great. I hope there’s more of Haruto in future volumes, I feel like plain faced characters like him and Sakuya always have some interesting stuff going on


I enjoyed this. Not enough to continue it, but it was nice.


The parts with Sakuya this chapter reminded me of a soldier with PTSD. I don’t think the manga would actually have that be the answer, considering it’s lighter time, but the way she knew how to handle a gun and getting scared of the fireworks made me think of that.


Interesting theory.

Given that: it seems she was previously the main carer for her grandson. I wonder what happened to her son?

Things happened, it took me a while to get back to the last chapter.

pg. 156

Even with the vocab list that is hard to decipher.

“Watch with a feeling of calmness”? is my best guess.
The only thing for てんじゃん I can find is a korean dish, which makes no sense.


This is abbreviated slang speak, and is a continuation of the previous line, so the whole sentence is 外してんじゃん

外してん is an abbreivated 外してる and じゃん is an abbreviation of じゃない. These abbreviations are super common in transcribed casual speech, as happens in anime and manga.

So it’s more like “It didn’t miss” (see meaning 5 for 外す), but in a sort of questioning tone that implies it probably did miss. Kind of like “It hardly missed, right?”, would be translating the tone rather than the meaning.