ルリドラゴン ・ Ruri Dragon 🐲 Week 12

Week 12 May 6 2023
Pages 151-172 (whole chapter 6)
Chapter 6
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We’re reading volume 1 of this manga as part of the Absolute Beginner Book Club.


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So, here it is: The final week of Ruri Dragon!

And coincidentally also the first week of the Beginner Book Club’s ロジカとラッカセイ ・ Rojica and Rakkasei :peanuts:! If you feel ready to level up after* finishing this ABBC, you’re very welcome to join us!

*) or if you join right now, possibly even before finishing it :stuck_out_tongue:


@TobiasW I swear you have a sixth sense. Once again you make the new week’s thread literally in the same instant that I log on to look for it.

Edit: Aaand finished! Hard to believe that in week one when I was at level 7 or 8 in WK it was taking me 5-10 hours to get through 10 pages and now I’m getting through 17 pages in barely over an hour. I’ve really learned a ton and y’all have been a massive help. Looking forward to the next one!


What a great chapter! But the cliff hanger hits too hard… so sad there won’t be any chapter still for a while (or, if any). How’s the author’s physical condition, any update on that?

I felt the chapter was compared to previous chapter quite easy. Didn’t even look once at the vocab sheet, since most words could be inferred from context. There is only one panel where I have a question:


ルリ?:てか ウチのお母さんドラゴンって言わなかったの?来たんしょ?あの後
Ruri?: But - Didn’t my mother mention the dragon? She came (to school for you all to explain) , didn’t she?
奴?:おう そこだけおあずけ食らってよ。本人の口から聞いてくれと
Guy?: Ahh… <?????> <?? Hearing that from the real person directly ??>

A bit confused who says what, and I can’t get the meaning of the second sentence despite me understanding the words by themselves.
Also, just asking for confirmation: 来たしょ = 来たでしょう?

Mom… You’re again doing weird things, are you?

I suppose when I understand the sentence before then by context this part should also become more clear.

Pg. 157

Okay, so take this with a HUGE grain of salt because I’m only a few months into studying Japanese and this is literally my first Japanese book of any kind, but as best as I can figure out, this whole bubble is him telling Ruri what her mom said. I’m largely basing that on the と at the end of the sentence, which I’m (possibly erroneously) taking as a quotation particle, combined with the comment in the next cell about her mom doing strange things.

「おあずけを食らう」 seems to be an idiomatic expression that means something like “to postpone” or “to wait”. The を particle is dropped (I’m assuming just due to normal casual speech) and 食らう is put into -te form, I believe making it imperative. The そこだけ at the beginning means something like “just…there”.

Put together, I’m taking it as (roughly translated):
Ruri: But, didn’t my mother mention (that I’m a) dragon? She came (to the classroom) after (the fire) didn’t she?

(From what I recall about the scene where her mom went to the school after the fire, she apologized for the fire and is seen saying something like “She’s not human”, but I don’t believe it shows her actually saying that she’s a dragon).

Yoshioka: No, (she told us) “Hey just wait and hear it directly from the person involved (Ruri).”

Ruri: Which lead to the group investigation/discussion of theories.

Yoshioka: That’s right!

Ruri (thinking to herself): Mom… You’re doing weird things again, huh?

Anyway, I could be waaay off on all of that, but that’s the way I interpreted it.


Ah no, I think you hit the point quite well.
I didn’t know 「おあずけを食らう」is an idiomatic expression, so that was my main point of confusion here. Apparently neither ichi.moe or DeepL seem to recognise this phrase. But with a bit of googling I found this Japanese definition. So yeah, “postponing promises/plans etc. to a later time”.

I’ll put this into my SRS program, seems to be a quite useful expression. Thanks!


…ouch, that’s a painful cliffhanger

This chapter was kinda nice, the grammar is simple enough, people don’t talk in long-winded monologues, it was just pleasant to read.


Wow… I actually managed to catch up and finish it with you guys - wouldn’t have thought!
I had a rough couple of weeks/months… first I broke my arm and then I had a knee surgery so I’m still kinda handicapped and on sick leave but I got my cast removed (arm) so reading and using the laptop is going fine again but uff it’s been rough :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:
BUT I managed! :partying_face: :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:
and even though I haven’t really been “with you” the last couple of weeks I gotta say the read/book was still very enjoyable and I’m glad I “joined” this book club :slight_smile:
hope you’re all doing great! ^ _ ^


男の子:何で?! 会わないの?! 会えないのか。。。!?

Are we talking about Ruri not meeting her dragon dad or the classmate that she burnt? Because she says she doesn’t know. I got lost with the excessive 会う, could someone point me in the right direction to understand this interaction?

Wow what a way to end the chapter… now what!! I need to know D:

It’s a bit bittersweet that it has come to an end, my first bookclub! I had lots of fun, and Ruri will have a special place in my heart forever now.


Well, before this the kid asked her if she knew what dragons were. And this reply just means “No, I haven’t met one”.
Edit, not this reply, the earlier one, but it puts this one into context at least.


I finished too! My first book with a book club :smiley:

It was a great experience.

  • The voice acting video was a huge plus. When reading a manga for the first time, it can be hard to figure out who is talking, this solved that. Now I got used to pick up who talks from the layout of the bubbles and the size of the arrow (or it not being there), and on how to separate phrases and punctuate them when reading in my head, sometimes because it’s a new line (or is it called a new column when it’s written vertically? xD ), sometimes there is just an extra space. Also many things that I would have thoughts were words I needed to look up, where more “sound effects”, it was really helpful to have the video once again
  • Thanks to everybody helping, I got all my questions answered. And reading with the book club was a great experience, reading other’s translations attempts and questions taught me a lot, there were a lot of things that I hadn’t thought about / didn’t know that I didn’t know
  • I didn’t find the story itself super interesting, but I learned a lot from seeing how people talk in casual ways
  • Still very hard for me sometimes to understand sentences even if I understand every words, but it’s definitely getting better. I remember especially “今日一日で話したことない” p. 36, I had no idea what was going on the first time. Now I can read it and completely get it :slight_smile:
  • The pace was good for me. Could have handled a bit faster, but in the last three weeks, I needed to break down the reading in a few sessions, was losing my focus after a while.
  • Feels really great to have made it and finished the book after 12 weeks :slight_smile:

So thanks everyone, see you in the next one!


Hmmm, I see, I think that in the panel he was next to the burnt guy and I thought maybe the conversation shifted to him at some point and I missed it. Thank you! I think I’ll read that part again.


Just finished this week, struggled with some of the dialogue at the start of the chapter but found the rest of it pretty easy to get the gist of. My grammar is still pretty poor but over the weeks I think this book club has definitely strengthened my grammar/reading. I cant wait to start the next one!

P.S thanks to everyone that responded to mine (and other people’s) questions, you are the best


I also want more Ruri to read. And more book club, because by the time I have finished the reading and come to the thread, someone has asked questions and then I realize I didn’t actually understand as much as I thought I did. :face_with_peeking_eye:

But, not understanding isn’t something that frustrates me anymore, when it comes to manga, because I pick up a lot from the images and vocab I do know. I just fail at grammar, which is okay, I’ll slowly improve.

Eventually. :sweat_smile:


And now we get to the hardest part of the manga: waiting for the hiatus to be over

For anyone wondering, the most recent information on the hiatus as far as I’m aware is this tweet from the author himself, on February 2nd:


Was a bit busy with another book so only just got to reading this now but I wanted to mention this panel.

pg 159

How to make any guy fall in love with you


Rojikka completely pushed Ruri out of my mentions… sorry Ruri :frowning:

Congratulations on reaching this week ya’ll!


Thanks to all the questioners and answerers! I read along quietly but really got a lot from the discussion each week. Cheers!

Edit, thanks also to the organisers! The pre-filled vocab sheet was amazingly helpful!


I’m finally done with my first ever manga and my first ever book club :')

I loved reading this book with ya’ll, and I’m forever thankful that I could rely on everyone to answer my silly questions. I think I’m getting just a little faster at reading simple sentences. Oh and the pace was perfect for me. I know I’m going to join every other book club now, this has been such a treat :bowing_man:t5:


This was really fun! What a cliffhanger to end on indeed.
Poor author, got a super popular manga and had to take a break, hope it doesn’t lose a lot of steam!