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Week 9 Apr 15 2023
Pages 99-110
Chapter 3
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Last frame of of this week's part (page 109; page 110 is a drawing)


We’re reading volume 1 of this manga as part of the Absolute Beginner Book Club.


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This week’s part: 3:24 - end


This time I thought I attempt to make some translations of a few passages :slight_smile:


There’s a theory being heavily speculated about you being a biological weapon

Everyone’s saying they are waiting for their answers to be proven/checked


I’m going with the theory about her being a victim of a human experiment.


Hurry up and settle our discussions/speculations!

Guy1: もう正解が気になって夜しか眠れないんだよ
Guy1: I’m so interested in the real answer that I can only sleep at night! (probably this guy sleeps a lot during class :D)
Guy2: 問題ないだろ
Guy2: That shouldn’t be a problem, no?


I didn’t know about that! (no clue why it’s not written in past tense – I guess just a thing they do)


After all, I’ve heard a bit from your mother before your admission.
(I translated the reasoning particle し with “After all”, even though I know this isn’t 100% correct. But adding a “because” here sounds off… I went with the closest thing I think people would say in English – I’m not a native English speaker)

Well, that happens in standard human society all the time as well.

(This one I’m not fully aware how to parse, but I’d say putting ことなんて=“Talking about” at the front, I’d translate it with:)
Talking about normality/being normal: there ARE people with different characteristics (in society)

Like the fire breathing – I’m not worried about that

Because there’s just (so many) different people in the world

Though, I know you all might have also a lot on your mind

EDIT: If there is anything wrong or can be improved, please let me know. Because I am only seeing the like-count increasing so far :joy:


I thought this week was going to be easy until Ruri had to shut down the conspiracy theories all those words confused me a little bit and slowed me quite a while.

This week took me 35 minutes to read!


A bit shocked by the contents of this week’s reading. They didn’t talk about food at all :hushed:


My rationalisation: 分かる is ‘knowing about something’
So わかん is like “I’m not in a state of knowing (about that)”.
It just sounds awkward in english so we would say something like “I’ve never heard of that!” or “I didn’t know dragons existed!” or something.

Wait till we start reading Bocchi (well it’s probably about two book club levels above this). I’m spending about half an hour on 9 pages of 4-koma lol


I actually was about to buy the complete Bocchi set a few weeks ago, but I contained myself when I read a bit of the level needed to read it. As much as I want to enjoy it I don’t think I would be able to right now.
Also, I recently got the whole よつばと collection so I’m slowly reading through that huge book club during the week and if I let myself go I’ll just go crazy buying stuff and then overwhelm myself and quit everything :laughing: (it has happened before :skull:)


Decided not to try and do my translations this week because there was so much text with all the conspiriacy theories that Ruri’s classmates came up with . Managed to get through it in the end though, hopefully I will have time to try and do my own translations next week.


I had fun, and found it pretty easier compared to all the other weeks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


See, amazon has these incredibly predatory deals, where for a limited time you get 10-20% of your points back, or sometimes even more instead of the usual 1-3%, if you buy for example the first 3 or 5 books in the series at the same time. These mean that oftentimes you end up with ton of different series, all having 3-5 books in it bought, not having time for even 1 of them.
Incredibly predatory… But man, is it effective…


don’t teach me stuff like that please


My solution to amazon.jp is that I have an allowance of 1,000 yen a month to spend on it. I have it set up so that a gift-card auto-reloads with 1,500 yen on the first (Prime is 500 yen/month), and if I don’t use it that month, then it can build up for when I want to buy a whole series at once! So far, it’s going pretty good. :slight_smile:


Sounds like responsible spending. I’m not good at that


The best part is that I’ll regularly forget about it until the first when I get the email about it reloading, and then I get to excitedly browse Amazon for a bit! Having been in some really intense financial crunches before, setting things up like this makes it easier to make a complete budget. Plus it means if there winds up being something I really want to get then I know if I can afford to splurge a little bit extra or not.

Being an adult sucks, but learning how to budget and be responsible with spending really makes it less stressful overall.

I just checked, and I have 7,947 yen saved up (and 1,029 points), so that’s pretty neat. :smiley:


Last night i caught myself browsing the e-manga 200y or less … that 1-click button is evil, but if you do it in that category it usually turns out manageable …

anyway, long story short, i have like another 10 random books in my library or something.


You know, that sales are usually done, because people are likely to see the decreased price and naturally spend more than they would have, right?

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when they cost literally 10 cents it’s just so easy to stuff them into my cheeks like a squirrel preparing for winter

the real trap is when the manga is a) good and b) at my reading level because then i buy the whole collection like a real dumbass. i’ll get around to reading it one day, i swear! …it’s for japanese practice!


Not too bad this week, though I really struggled toward the end with the like speech the teacher gave.

Pg. 99

ねぇねぇ…今学校ってどうなってる? = Hey what’s school like right now?
え?何が? = Eh? What do you mean?
い…いや、だってわたし火吐いたじゃん! = It’s just that I breathed fire, right!
あんなことがあったのに…わたし皆に怖がられたりしてない? = Something like that happened but… isn’t everyone scared of me or something?
学校行って大丈夫かなわたし… = I wonder if it’s alright for me to go to school
半分人外なのに = I’m half inhuman after all
いやあ…むしろ早く来ないとみんなが = Well… if anything if you don’t come back quickly everyone will
ルリのことわたしに聞いてきてすごいんだよね = They’re coming to me asking all about you, it’s a lot you know
ねぇ青木さん何で来ないの? = Hey why isn’t Aoki-san coming?
青木の正体知ってるの? = Do you know Aoki’s true form?
ユカルリちゃんと仲良いよね = Yuka, you’re close with Ruri-chan right?

Pg. 100

みんなの中で今ルリは生物兵器説が濃厚に考察されてるよ = Among everyone concerning you right now, the biological weapon theory is being strongly considered
あとは悪鬼羅刹とか…地底人 = After that, is stuff like man-eating fiend, or subterranean lifeform
何だそれ = The heck is that
どちらかと言うとみんな面白がってるから = When you ask which one everyone acts funny so
早く来ないともっと大変なウワサされるよ = If you don’t come back quickly more difficult rumors will be spread
う…嫌だ = Oof, I don’t want that
みんな答え合わせ待ってるんだって = So everyone is waiting on a verified answer
うん… = Yeah…

Pg. 101-102

うぅ~嫌だぁぁ = Uuu, I don’t wanna
早くしないと置いてくよ生物兵器 = If you don’t hurry up I’m gonna go and leave you behind, biological weapon
生物兵器言うな = Don’t say ‘biological weapon’
あれ青木 = Huh, Aoki
よ…吉岡くんオハヨーゴザイマス = Yo… Yoshioka-kun, good morning
おう何だそのあいさつ = Oh, what’s with that greeting
髪短くなってる = His hair has gotten short
入らんの? = Are you going in?
おーい、青木きた = Oii, Aoki came
えっちょ待って = Eh, wait a sec!
マジ!? = Really!?

Pg. 103

青木って生物兵器なん!!? = Aoki, are you a biological weapon!!?
おいバカ = Oi, stupid
何でストレートに言うんだよ = Why’d you ask right away
だってぇ = Becauuse
じゃあ、未来人説は…? = Then, how about the person of the future theory?
人体実験の被験者説推すぞ = I nominate the human experiment test subject theory
わたし皆の中で何人間になってるんだ = What kind of person have I become to everyone?

Pg. 104

髪切ったんだ = You cut your hair
おう燃えたからな。もう突然火吐くなよ = Ohh, because it burned up. Don’t suddenly breathe fire anymore

It seems a little weird he’d be giving a command here. Is there something I’m not getting from his sentence?

マジごめん = I’m really sorry
まあ、伸びてきてたし火傷もしてないからいいよ別に = Well, it was growing out and there weren’t really any burns so it’s fine
むしろ青木大丈夫だったのか?血吐いてたろ = If anything, were you okay Aoki? You coughed up blood right

I’ve never seen this ろ before, can someone explain what’s happening with it? It feels like some kind of shortening of だろう

うん大丈夫ありがと = Yeah, I’m good, thanks
で結局アレ何だったんだ? = So, in the end, what was that?

Pg. 105

そうだぞ!俺達の考察に早く決着つけてくれ…! = That’s right! Hurry and settle our thoughts for us!
もう正解が気になって夜しか眠れないんだよ = I can only sleep at night because I care about the right answer

I wasn’t sure how to work the もう into the translation, ‘already’ doesn’t seem to fit and if it was meant to go with the 眠れない it would’ve been in the second clause before 夜

問題ないだろ = Then there’s no problem right
答え合わせか = Verifying the answer huh
生物兵器じゃないよ = I’m not a biological weapon
わたしドラゴンなんだって = I’m a dragon (so I’m told)

Pg. 106

うぉー何だそれおもしろ!! = Uoo, what the hell that’s so interesting!!
そうきたか… = So it’s like that huh
それは分かんねぇわ! = That makes sense!
どういうことだ…? = What do you mean by that?
やっぱ青木人間じゃないのか? = So Aoki you really aren’t human then?
何か父親がドラゴンらしくて = It seems my father is a dragon somehow
…要するに異種族のハーフなんだって = Simply put I’m half of another species
なんかかっこいいな = That’s kind of cool
マジなの? = Are you for real?
お間のお母さんすげえ… = Your mom is amazing…

Pg. 107

おはよ~ = Good morning
あれ青木来てる = Huh, Aoki is here
あ…おはざす = Ah, good morning
あ、大丈夫まだ時間じゃないから = Ah, it’s ok, it still isn’t time so
青木もう大丈夫なの? = Aoki, are you ok?
は…はい。あのっ先生… = Y-yes. Um, sensei…
わたしって学校来て大丈夫なんですか…? = Is it okay for me to come to school?

Pg. 108-109

大丈夫だよ = It’s all right
事情はお母さんから入学前に多少聞いてるし = We heard a bit about the situation from your mother before your entrance to the school
げっ…知ってたんすか = Huh, you knew?
うん = Yep
まあ普通の人間社会でもよくあることです = Well, it happens often in normal human society
普通とは違う特性を持った人がいることなんて = There are situations of people existing with different special traits outside of what’s normal

The 普通とは really stumped me here and I don’t get what なんて is doing so I ignored it. Can someone provide a clearer picture of what’s being said here?

火吐いたくらい気にすることないよ = We don’t mind so much that you breathed fire

He throws in a lot of こと in these sentences and it’s throwing me off. I can’t figure out why they’re there, it like everything he’s saying could be said without こと and I’m not understanding what nuance it’s bringing here. Also this use of くらい confuses me.

世の中色んな人がいるもんです = Because there are all kinds of people in the world.
みんなも色々思うところあるかもしれませんが = Everyone might also have various thoughts but
まあ仲良くやっていきましょう = Let’s get along well
じゃ、ちょっと早いけどホームルーム始めますか = Now, it’s a little early but let’s start homeroom
あれまた金尾休み? = Huh, Kaneo is absent again?


のに can sometimes means something along the lines of “after all that…”. Here’s pretty much that happening.


どちらかと言うと is a set phrase for “if anything”.
And 面白がる is to “fidn s.t. funny/interesting” pretty much
“If anything, everyone finds it interesting”

I wouldn’t translate 大変 as “difficult”. More like “awful” or similar.


な is a bit rough, but tbh, guy’s hair got burned off, I would tell someone to not do that again. Could also somewhat be a joke. But I don’t think you are missing anything.

てくる here has the meaning of “starting to do x”. It’s a bit hard to translate, but he’s saying, that it’s started growing back, so it’s fine.

I’m actually not sure myself. It’s probably something along those lines, but can’t find anything concrete about it.


普通とは is basically “it’s normal”, as in “It’s normal for people to have different special qualities”. なんて is as far as I see an emphasis marker.

こと[は]ない is an expression for “there is no need for x”, “There is no need to worry about it”.

くらい can sort of mean “about” in the same sense you would use in English, as in “worry about X”.


The final week before the dreaded page count increase. Honestly, Chapter 3 has been good. I feel like we’re jumping into more slice of life from now on, less exposition dumping. I’m amazed I’ve managed to stick with it for this long. I’ll try to keep it up. Anyway, translations.

Pages 99-101

Ruri: Hey…how are things at school now?

Ruri: I…I mean, I breathed fire…!

Ruri: Despite what happened…

Ruri: …it’s not as if everyone is afraid of me, is it?

Ruri: I wonder if it’s okay to go to school…

Ruri: …even though I’m half-dragon.

Yuka: Ahh…everybody would rather you don’t come back soon, but…

Yuka: …lots of people keep asking me about you, you know?

Student: Hey, why has Aoki not come back yet?

Student: Do you know Aoki’s true nature?

Student: Yuka, you’re close with Ruri, right?

Yuka: You should take into consideration that there’s likely a rumour that you’re a biological weapon.

Yuka: Also, a man-eating fiend or something…from the depths of the earth.

Ruri: What’s that?

Yuka: If anything, it is amusing everybody, so…

Yuka: …if you don’t come back soon, there’ll be even more serious rumours.

Yuka: Everyone’s waiting for you to verify their answers.

Yuka: If you don’t do it soon, you’ll be left behind, biological weapon.

Ruri: Don’t call me a biological weapon.

Student: Hey, Aoki!

Pages 102-104

Ruri: Yo…Yoshioka. Good morning.

Yoshioka: What is that greeting?

Ruri: His hair has gotten short.

Yoshioka: Aren’t you going in?

Yoshioka: Hey! Aoki’s back!

Student: They said you were a biological weapon!!?

Student: Why did you say it so directly?

Student: I think she’s the subject of a human experiment.

Student: Well, she could be from the future…?

Ruri: [What kind of person have I become among the class?]

Yoshioka: I had my hair cut.

Yoshioka: You know, since it was burned.

Yoshioka: Don’t breathe fire so suddenly anymore.

Ruri: I’m seriously sorry…

Yoshioka: Well, it was growing…

Yoshioka: …and since I don’t have any burns, it’s good.

Yoshioka: Anyway, were you okay?

Yoshioka: You were throwing up blood, right?

Ruri: Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks.

Yoshioka: So, in the end, what was that?

Pages 105-107

Student: That’s right! Our investigation needs to reach a swift conclusion…!

Student: I don’t sleep anymore because the correct answer has been the only thing on my mind at night!

Yoshioka: That’s not a problem, right?

Ruri: [Do I check their answers…?]

Ruri: I am not a biological weapon.

Ruri: I am a dragon.

Student: Woah, what? That’s fascinating…!!

Student: Ah, I see…

Student: I don’t understand that…!

Student: What do you mean…?

Yoshioka: As I thought, you’re not human?

Ruri: Somehow, my father was a dragon.

Ruri: …to put it simply, I’m half-dragon.

Student: It looks kind of stylish.

Student: Your mum is so cool…

Teacher: Ah, Aoki came back.

Teacher: Oh, it’s okay. It’s not time yet, so…

Teacher: …Aoki, are you feeling any better?

Ruri: Y…yes. Um…Sir…

Ruri: Is it alright for me to come to school?

Pages 108-110

Teacher: I heard about the circumstances to some degree from your mum before you came to school.

Ruri: Eh…you knew?

Teacher: Well, it’s a common occurrence in an ordinary human society.

Teacher: It’s normal for people to have had different special qualities.

Teacher: We don’t care that you breathed fire so much.

Teacher: There are many different kinds of people in the world.

Teacher: Everybody might also think all sorts of things.

Teacher: Well, now that we’re all on good terms, let’s get started.

Teacher: Right, since we’re a little early, shall we begin homeroom?

Teacher: Ah, is Kanao absent again?

[第3話 扉イラストラフ]
[Chapter 3 Rough Title Page Illustration]


I am so scared of the page increase next week, I want to try and post my own translations but I know it will take me a ridiculous number of hours to do it :frowning: