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Week 9 October 21 2023
Pages 81 - 93 (79 - 91)
Chapter 3
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Handwritten text this week

Note: Physical book pages are listed in parentheses.

Pg. 81 (79)




由紀: 反省しろー!

石川: わかったっつーの!!

Pg. 83 (81)



Pg. 87 (85)



Pg. 92 (90)







Pg. 93 (91)









I’m now shocked

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I think this scene is really good in the anime btw.

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(All the scenes are really good in the anime, hence why I fell in love with it at first sight)

Jokes aside, it’s kind of a unique show, not quite fully adult romance (still mixing in the usual prepubescent idiosyncracies that these are usually known for), but breaking out of that usual shell of the main characters being obvious, yet oblivious for several seasons. It’s also the reason why I enjoy “My senpai is annoying”, just bringing some actually relatable topics. (And of course, it’s just cute).

onto some more spoilery bits about the later half of the anime, a either second or third volume, who knows

It’s one of those rare shows, that dares to put the protagonists into a relationship fairly early on, and then let them be for a bit, playing essentially the background characters. It kinda reminded me in that sense of “Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai”, similar-ish setup, letting the main duo breathe after the initial roller coaster.


i was so mad when the first season had to do a rush-to-the-end and so happy when the second season a) existed and b) was like lol let’s fill in the gaps. Still haven’t watched it yet!

Though still gotta read the manga cos there’s loads of stuff that wasn’t covered!

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I did and I now regret that I didn’t do it in Japanese only. Sounded like an easy listen. Brought back so many good memories of, uh, a year ago when I watched it? Time is blurry.

Not sure how much got left out. I thought piece was meant to fully fill in the gaps. Hence, you know, the name.

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@MrGeneric is the friend that’s listening to the conversation while silently nodding his head furiously



What’s wrong ?

Thank you everyone for helping me finishing the previous part.
I skimmed through this one and got a rough understanding, but I’ll definitely need to properly read that dialog, because now this seems important.

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It was just the first poll that didn’t start off with 20 people in the “I’ve finished this part” section


My translations:

Page 84

She had to talk to a friend.

  • Or maybe, she’s having a talk with a friend… I’m not familiar with this grammatical structure, with looks more like [thing-conversation with a friend] + [there is]

Not very much, I can’t say.

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I think this is more an implied thing. ある is often “to have”, so this would be “Well, she has a talk with a friend”. But I think in practice there is an implied thing of “…so it might be a bit”.

I’m pretty sure, what’s he’s saying here is “I can’t tell them, but…” as in “I can’t tell Hori/Ishikawa(not sure), but if they get together…”


Reckon it’s more like “That’s not [the truth] at all, but I can’t tell [Souta what’s really happening]”.

Like, he knows full well it’s not just “having a talk with a friend” but rather a full-on confession.


It is amazing how much in Japanese once someone explains the meaning of a sentence to you you look at it again and you’re like ‘oh yeah, that’s clearly it’. Like the damn thing only snaps into focus once you already know what it means.

Oh well, just gotta keep accruing more experience…


Ok, let’s start debriefing that big talk between the two !

Let’s start with the several panels-long box. I suppose it’s Miya thinking.

page 85 page 86


Let’s see…
I know what you were told today at school before coming home.
That’s why I had no choice but to tell you you didn’t have to go home yet today

Something like that ?

More literally:

*What Hori was told until now on her way back from school, I know. Because of that, for today, I had no choice but saying “you don’t have to go yet.”

Next bit is what Hori says

page 86 page 87



言ったわけ ??

At first I mixed up 付き合う and 釣り合う. It made more sense after I cleared that up XD.

  • I heard from Tooru… We don’t really go well together… Did you seriously said that ?*

What’s the とか here ? According to jisho it can be either “or something, something like” or " I hear that …; people say that…". I assume it’s the former ?
Also, is the わけ asking for some explanation, not just a confirmation ?

Did you really said [something that would mean] that I was doing you the favor of being friendly to you ???

I’m not sure I parse everything, but my understanding seems to make sense… ? Hori is (understandably) pissed that Miya thought so little of their relationship.

The key here, would be her usage or もらう ?


I would break these into sentences like so:

First one is
“Up till now at school what Hori was told (before) coming home, I know”
Or in English
“I know what Hori was talking about in school before coming home”

Second is
“Therefore, if from today she says “you don’t have to come”, that can’t be helped”
or also in English:
“So if she tells, that I don’t need to come anymore, that will be it”


Yeah, it’s “something like that”, but it generally works as a softener, very much like なんか. Here it’s likely along the lines of “You told him something like that we don’t suit each other?”

This seems correct. もらう in this sense is “doing something for someone else”. So Hori is saying something like “That I’m nice to you as a favor, did you really say that?!”



If you don’t come over Miyamura… who will wake me up when I fall asleep while watching a movie?

Does this line seem like it comes completely out of left-field?

Did I miss a scene where Miyamura wakes Hori up from falling asleep to a movie? Or is this line implying a scene that wasn’t shown to further imply their closeness? Or did I simply mis-translate it?

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Pg. 91

It’s describing a scene that wasn’t shown, like you say, to further demonstrate how close they’ve become. She lists a couple of other things he does for her, also, in that same scene (if my memory serves; I don’t have the book on hand at the moment), for that purpose also.


Makes sense. Does she use “ちゃった” here because she’s implying that she falls asleep by accident?

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