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Week 8 October 14 2023
Pages 70 - 80 (68 - 78)
Chapter 3
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ホリミヤ Volume 1 Vocabulary List - Google Sheets

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Handwritten text this week

Note: Physical book pages are listed in parentheses.

Pg. 71 (69)



Pg. 72 (70)


堀: 珍しい二人ねー
由紀: 堀いーそろそろ着替えに行かないと




Pg. 74 (72)





Pg. 75 (73)







Pg. 77 (75)



Pg. 78 (76)





Pg. 80 (78)




The vocab wasn’t too difficult this session but what really threw me for a loop was the amount of times I couldn’t tell who was freaking talking, especially on the rooftop. I actually had to check against my Eng version. Hint: Toru uses way rougher language than Miyamura.


I went through and tweaked bits of the vocab sheet, noticed someone was making notes in the margins. Be bold! Commit! Add them to the sheet proper!


And… caught back up again after the holiday.


By the way, I don’t recall how this was in the anime (even though I watched it like a week ago) but Miyamura deliberately baiting Toru into asking more about what was going on with his whole jersey situation by mentioning Hori so he could reveal his tattoos to someone makes way more sense than my initial interpretation, which was that Miyamura was a complete airhead who mentioned it for no reason.

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Yeah, but Miyamura is also a complete airhead. :slightly_smiling_face:


I know the basic gist of what Miyamura is saying is like “You know how sometimes you just sort of realise you’ve gotten a tattoo?” but I don’t quite get the grammar on 気づいたら。I thought it was the basic conditional ~たら but that doesn’t seem completely right?


The bubbles in the top row are all Miyamura’s damnit! Completely misinterpreted this on the first read.

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It’s the “when” version of it.

page 71


What’s with the noni here ? I read that as “We never talked much, but it is unexpected” ? The sentence doesn’t make sense… is my reading of the first part wrong ?

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I feel like 珍しい is a completely separate clause altogether. “It’s Ishikawa-kun… [he’s talking to me] even though we’ve never really talked much, how unusual”, sort of thing.

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I like to think of this as “By the time [subject] realized”

Page 77

This took a while to unpack, but my only question is why the “のこと”? If “you” is just お前, then this looks more like “you-thing” …

page 72

What is that じゃ that Ishikawa is using twice in that page ?

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It’s something of a softener. Bit less direct. “Things about you” sort of thing.

Abbreviation for では.


Welp. While this week didn’t contain super hard vocab, there was a lot of text and way too many なんで。

With the always tricky “who’s talking” game, I think it didn’t manage to actually understand what happened in time for next week :frowning:

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Are there any specific panels we might be able to help you clear up?

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a specific panel. More like small details / limited understanding that add up until I lose track.

I gave it another try during commute this morning, trying to focus on what I thought would be the most important parts.

I read until page 75 of the physical book (that’s when Miya zips his sweater back on). My overall comprehension is this:

So this boy Ishikawa is interested in Hori. He goes to Miya because he realized that the two of them have been getting closer…
Miya denies going out with Hori, and naively asks Ishi if he likes her. Ishi reaction tells him that it’s the case. Both get a bit embarrassed (tho they don’t react to embarrassment in the same way) and they agree to keep this whole conversation a secret.
In the locker room, Ishi asks Miya why the hell he’s always wearing jackets in the summer. Miya initially tries to come up with excuses, but Ishi is not buying it.
Eventually, Miya (probably feeling like he can share another secret with Ishi now) shows his tattoo. But he also says that Hori is the only person who ever saw those. Which of course raises a lot of questions… Anyway, just like Hori, Ishi is quite surprised by the tattoos and by the fact that Miya is not just a weirdo.
Miya also asks him to keep it a secret.

I still have the last three pages to read. In my account above, I have the feeling I’m missing something in the conversation in the locker room. Is there a specific panel I should spend more time on ? Or maybe I’m just plain wrong about everything. :sweat_smile:

Thanks !


Yeah, that’s about it, I don’t think you missed anything


I don’t think it’s naively, I think it’s more… accidentally insenstive.

It’s mostly what’s going unsaid, in that Miyamura is deliberately phrasing things such that Ishikawa comes to the conclusion that Hori has seen Miyamura naked. And possibly more than that.


Ahah, I was looking for a better word but couldn’t find one.

Now I wonder whether Miya is just being candid or if it’s all calculated.