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Week 7 October 7 2023
Pages 60 - 69 (58 - 67)
Chapter 2
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Handwritten text this week

Note: Physical book pages are listed in parentheses.

Pg. 60 (58)



Pg. 62 (60)


Pg. 67 (65)


堀: まぁいいか

創太: うまーっ

Pg. 69 (67)


堀: あ、リンゴジュース


堀: ちょーだいー

宮村: あああっ

由紀: なーんか…


Congratulations everyone for making it through the longest week last week! This week is much shorter and easier, so a nice break for those who made it all the way through, or a solid catch-up opportunity for those who might still be reading last week’s!

Either way, just remember that the in-between chapter slot falls in this week, instead of the start of next!




I mean, I can relate to that, though, personally :joy:

I have to work this weekend so I’ll be a bit late with my pages this week! :cry:

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Page 60

It really was built

It’s cute by being stylish

It’s fine to enter by person (idk if this is correct)

Page 61

I feel like Hori

Your acquaintance?

I can’t make sense of this sentence, something like “because I was able to go to this front life?”

あーでもなんか 違うみたい
Ah nothing, looks like it’s wrong

I say it’s not plain like that (I can’t get this sentence too)

Then let’s go

nevertheless it was plain huh

isn’t this was good

I have to take care of Souta

What’s 出し? I know this is the must form and the verb after なければ have similar meaning to いけません and になりません but this is the first time i see 出し

Since there’s no time to go play with friends, it can’t be helped

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This means “It’s stylish and cute”

The で you are seeing here is the て form of だ. And as you might remember, the て form is the conjunctive form, connecting sentences. So this is basically “It’s stylish and it’s cute-being (since い adjective)”

This is trying to mean “There are a lot of people inside”.
入る can be “to contain”, and 結構 here is “quite a bit”. “It has quite a bit of people” is how I’d parse it.


気がする is “to feel like” in the sense of “to have a hunch”. “I just felt like that’s the case”.
Here she’s saying “I thought that (I saw her)”

The sentence breaks into words like this:
この前 - before this/last time
部活 - club

あって - was
行けなかった - didn’t go
から?- because
“Why? Because she couldn’t go last time because of her club?”
Or something like that, not gonna lie, not exactly sure how this fits into the events shown.

Important here, “It looks like I was wrong/mistaken”

This is “She isn’t plain like that (I’d say)”. As in “Hori wouldn’t be dressing that plainly”, so it must not be her.

You misread, that’s 美味しかった

This is trying to say “It’s better this way”

It’s very important, that it’s not 出し, it’s だし. It’s だ, + the reason particle し. It’s a common pairing for saying “because”.

It’s technically correct, but actually translating 遊ぶ to “to play” in these scenarios will sound weird really quickly. It’s more like “to hang out”


Ahh thank you, I misread several place. But 行けなかった - didn’t go, isn’t it the ない form of 行く is 行かない?

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You are right, it’s actually 行く + potential + negative + past tense, so “Couldn’t go”, which is what I put into the translation, not sure why I didn’t do the same in the breakdown.


It’s a cold open sort of thing, not something that’s “in between” chapters. We’re straight-up reading the first page of the next chapter.

Page 62

Did you say you will come today?

What is っけ? Based on context I think it’s the question marker, but what’s the unshortened form of it? Also why does Hori use past continuous tense here, like “were you saying you will come today” which sounds unnatural instead of 言ったか?

It’s only because I have things to hand over.

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Roughly speaking, it’s asking for confirmation about what the speaker is asking. Sometimes it’s a lot like the English “, was it?” sentence ending, though not here.


These past couple of weeks have made me realize that I don’t have a not understanding Japanese problem, but I have a not understanding who in the world is talking problem :sweat_smile:


That is something which afflicts me even now, sometimes. It gets better with time and practice, though!

context to events shown

Yuki and friends where supposed to go there “the other day” (when they invited hori, but she couldn’t go because of her brother). So Hori thought there would not be any of her friends there (which is why she went to check it out, I guess). Now she is suprised, to meet Yuki there.

So your translation fits perfectly into the context.


You are not alone, I always get lost on who’s saying what. Also sometimes I confuse thoughts with actual speech :melting_face:


Attempt: Hori is focusing a lot on this guy. I was prepared for it.

I don’t understand this sentence. Is this coming from Tooru’s perspective?

p69 (nice)

There’s a missing を (maybe)
堀(を)狙い奴ら - guys going for Hori
結構いるって - that there will be lots
覚悟はしていた - (basically) I prepared myself

I prepared myself that there would be a lot of guys going after Hori

p69 (niceee)

I think 堀狙い is just being treated as a compound word here. For example, 魚狙いの猫 or something like that. I think it’s just a different way of phrasing 〇〇を狙ってる誰々.


oooh :smiley:
I just learned a word! :smiley:
I think 誰々 might become my new favourite word :smiley: love it! :smiley:
(thank you! :D)