ホリミヤ ・ Horimiya 🎀 👓 Week 5 Discussion Thread (Absolute Beginner Book Club)

Welcome to Week 5 of the Horimiya book club!

We are reading as part of the Absolute Beginner Book Club!

Week 5 September 23 2023
Pages 32 - 40 (30 - 38 for physical copies)
Chapter 1
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The final panel(s) for this week


ホリミヤ Volume 1 Vocabulary List - Google Sheets

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Handwritten text this week

Note: Physical book pages are listed in parentheses.

Pg. 32 (30)





宮村: 主婦こわい…

堀: 創太すわってー (Yes, really. I know. This one took me a minute to parse too.)

Pg. 33 (31)


宮村: いただきます


宮村: こぼしてるよー


宮村: おいしい

Pg. 38 (36)


宮村: たしかに頭はよくないけど…


堀: ばかばかバーカ





Given that yesterday’s poll indicated we were good on pacing, I’ve left the increased pace intact! Glad to see everyone is doing okay as we begin to ramp things up.

Everyone who’s still here, give yourselves a huge pat on the back after this week! You’ll have officially finished your first chapter of Horimiya! For a few of you, that may even be your first chapter of manga in Japanese, ever, which is always a feat to be proud of!

Also, thanks to @ChatterBox for reminding me I still needed to post this week. :joy:


as god intended



Doing my part to mess with the system.


The club will run itself whether MrGeneric is here or not


Hi, this will be my first time trying a book club like this. Is everything I have to do is pick up the manga, try to read it, and if come across a word I don’t know yet, I look it up in the google sheet? Ty


Yep, exactly that :slight_smile:

You may find it helpful to review the vocab sheet for the pages you’re about to read before you start, and make note of any common words that you don’t know (marked by either 1, 2, or 3 stars depending on their frequency) and of course you can always refer back to it whilst reading.

If you get stuck on any of the parts, then have a look through the posts for that weeks pages, to see if anyone else has had similar problems, or to see other people’s translations, and if you’re still unsure then just ask. Everyone here is super friendly and will be able to break it down for you.

Good luck!


Eh, that was bad, wasn’t it?

Jeez, I didn’t make it to the sale.

But it’s great that you still bought 3 packs. It helps.

Ah, that reminds me.

I ran into someone by accident.

That person you call Yuki.


Yuki? Eh…how did that meeting go?
(I’m not 100% sure on this one. I double checked it on DL and it translated it as something like “She saw you dressed like that?” which also kinda makes sense. I think 格好 can be translated as either style, fashion or situation?)

We didn’t really speak.

I don’t know what I’m thinking…

page 32/33

A small note on that もう, here it’s an “not again” or like a “not any more”. He did make it to this sale, but he doesn’t want to go to another one :laughing:

The って in the line about Yuki is acting as a は, if that kinda helps you break it down a little bit easier. The next few pages will also confirm that she’s asking about his appearance with 格好


Ah thank you, one day I will learn to differeniate between the various nuances of もう :sweat_smile:


So it can be seen as something like:
When you met, you were looking like that?

I guess using the って for は is quite common? I feel like I’ve been seeing it quite a bit and just kinda glossed over it for now ha.


Yep you got it! って as a topic marker is suuuuuuuper common in more casual spoken language, great one to be able to pick out for anything that’s conversational




So here, she is saying that she doesn’t want others to see Miya looking like that, right? She only voices the first sentence but the part of saying she doesn’t want that to happen she keeps it to herself… (?) I’m not sure about the way the bubbles display in that panel, it gave me the impression with the ellipsis before that she stopped talking midway, but I’m probably wrong.

Edit: on the next page he confirms that she did say the whole thing lol, but still. Did I get the meaning of the sentence right? :sweat_smile:


Yep, you got the meaning correct.


Generally in this series the rounder bubbles will be for stuff that’s actually spoken, and the square (previous page) or ones that are clearly thought bubbles (next page bottom left) are for internal thoughts/some kind of narrative voice.

But yep! got the meaning

Page 35

things like being good at building muscle…

I’m pretty sure I’m correct since I understand the context (Miyamura listing the things he likes about Hori even if some are potentially negative…) but I just wanted to confirm it is in fact the above.

EDIT: I know we’re at week 5 and I’m still not used to the page numbers stuff but…is the final panel listed above not page 39 instead of 42?

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No, it’s acting as a と. Quotation marker と. “When you say ‘met’… were you looking like that [at the time]?”


Close, but 筋肉の付き方 is “muscle tone”. I’d translate the sentence as “Your muscles are nicely toned”, which sounds just as bad in English as in Japanese

Are you looking digitally, or in a physical book? It’s a bit of a mess almost always, which is why that “last panel of the week” thing was brought forward originally. But there’s a “blank” ending page after that panel (though it’s on p41 for me in my digital version)


It is. This is actually a case where I should have said 40 as the last page. My bad.

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This one confused me too, had to do a google lookup (I got the gist of it, but 筋肉の付き方 didn’t show up in jisho for me…)


Neither for me, but I had an inkling, that it was muscle tone (wouldn’t make much sense otherwise). This is when I type in “<word> 意味” into google, and that tends to help. This time it gave me this hinative question: