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Week 12 November 11 2023
Pages 122 - 131 (120 - 129)
Chapter 5
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ホリミヤ Volume 1 Vocabulary List - Google Sheets

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Handwritten text this week

Note: Physical book pages are listed in parentheses.

Pg. 125 (123)




由紀: え…堀今いないんですか…?

宮村: えっと…外出てて…すんまっせん…ハハハ…


あ 英語のノートだ

Pg. 126 (124)



Pg. 127 (125)



Pg. 128 (126)


にんにん :star: :star: :star:









Pg. 129 (127)



Pg. 130 (129)








Oops I accidentally the whole chapter


Congratulations, you are now an official member of the book clubs. :joy: :tada:


Isn’t that when you pick up a book because you’re curious, and, hey, why is there an afterword here?


Just read this week’s section! Officially caught up with the club. I was a bit ambivalent about starting this manga, but it’s grown on me… I like the characters.


I’m also finally caught up after lagging behind for a good few weeks!

I think this was the first week where I attempted to read through by myself without the vocab list, and even though there were still quite a few words I didn’t know, I understood I reckon, 80-90% of what was going on and I even laughed at a few parts. After double checking the vocab list to clear up a few bits, I think my initial reading was still good.

It was a nice feeling! :slight_smile:


If it’s any help, I still don’t read without a dictionary open on the side. If you want full comprehension, you kinda need it.


Oh definitely, I agree, and when I’m reading for studying, I would definitely look up the words I didn’t know, but sometime it’s nice to just read for fun and not stress too much about it :slight_smile:


There’s this official 多読 methodology I encountered at my local Japanese foundation library where they recommend not using a dictionary at all and just reading stuff and, like… guessing the idea of words from context if you don’t know it, and if you can’t read the whole text you just put it down and read another book, and… like… it might very well work for some people but I felt like I was trying to divine meaning out of the aether. Like, dawg, this N4 graded book is about seismic volcanic activity, I need to know what these words mean, I can’t just slurp that outta the air bro


Yeh, I’ve seen a lot about this. I think the recommendation is it’s at the right level if you are encountering aprox 1-5 new words per page I think (assuming an actual book)?
Anything more and it’s probably too hard for your level/ or like you say, is about a very specific topic!

I think whether the methodology works for a specific person probably plays a lot into what their end goals are.


I have read enough books to sort of have this work, but I want a solid foundation I can then build on top of, and if I make a false assumption early on, that’s not gonna pan out well. Also, without furigana, I kinda need to check at least the reading. Maybe switching over to a jp jp dictionary would be beneficial


I got through the chapter without too much difficulty. Theres a couple of spots where I don’t quite get the grammar or a word, but easily enough to follow the story.

Two examples where I missed a little something.


I wasnt too sure what this was meant to be. The only thing I found was the onomatopoeia くしゅくしゅ for crumply or ruffled, of which this could be an abbreviated form. Is it to indicate Miyamura being miffed that Hori immediately shot him down about borrowing the manga? She “ruffled his feathers”?


How does this sentence break down? It says something about not going with a very large group, but the アレ part stumps me.


It’s a sneeze, hence the “風邪” question afterwards


あんまり - not very
大人数 - large number of people
で - here “with/as”
行く - going
の nominalizer for 大人数で行く, “going with a large group”
も - here it’s sort of “and”
アレ - thing, here kind of a placeholder for the situation or something
だ - copula
し - reason particle
ね - softener

Sort of “And it’s not like we are going as a large group anyways”


Having trouble finding where this is meant to be - can I get another clue? A panel number? More context? I’ve read the whole of the page (which, mind, is 128 in my copy, since your “130” is 129) and I’m just not spotting it.


Oh, right, there it is. Yeah, it’s a sneeze. Which was my first thought when I saw the question, but then we started talking about borrwing manga…

Googling suggests it implies something like よくない or 問題, but neither of the sources I found explain precisely why.


Thanks, both. The sneeze is actually the second meaning in Jisho (itchy and runny nose).
I was too focused on what came before it to figure out the meaning, but rather the sneeze interrupts his thinking and leads into the next panels. I now see that the facial expression matches as well. Once you see it, it makes perfect sense. :slight_smile:


Lol, it confused me too, until I kept reading and she asked if he had a cold. I was like ohhh it was achoo.


Sneezes are a recurring source of confusion, Ruri had them too, and people didn’t know what they were reading then either.

For the curious on the various ways sneezes are written...

In Japan, there’s a thing where if you sneeze, it means someone is talking about you. Volume 9 of 「からかい上手の高木さん」 leaned into this one chapter, showing a series of scenes of people talking about others, then cutting over to the person talked about sneezing.




From another manga:

And another:




Out in the snow:



And a scene that a few may be familiar with:


Yuru Camp also has a へっぷし and an utterly ridiculous ぶぇっきしょい, though I lack screenshots of the panels, and I can’t be bothered photographing my physical copies. :stuck_out_tongue:


Week 13 is up!